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Auditions (Edmonton): Scamway – Cathexis Theatre

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Auditions (Edmonton): Scamway – Cathexis Theatre

Cathexis Theatre is excited to announce auditions for our brand-new musical, Scamway!

About the Company:
Cathexis Theatre is an independent Edmonton-based theatre company dedicated to creating brave, eccentric, new works! We find humor in darkness and shine light on commonly misunderstood or disregarded issues.

About the Show:
Nancy is a negative, cynical, and cautious social work student. When her new friends help her see how this outlook affects her life, she gets swooped up in the wacky, hyper-positive, and deceptive world of multi-level marketing scams.


* All characters are female-identifying or non-binary.

NANCY: Nancy has adopted a cynical and hyper-practical viewpoint in response to the death of her sister. As she starts to evaluate the impact this is having on herself and others, she drops out of her social work practicum and gets swept up in the hyper-positive world of MLMs.

DEBBIE: Debbie is a level-headed optimist, completing her social work practicum with her best friend, Nancy. When she finds a community of people who want to help others as much as she does, she follows Nancy’s lead and ignores the cult-like warning signs.

PATSY: Patsy is a volunteer at the hospital and has an uplifting and optimistic view on life. Unable to watch Nancy struggle, Patsy finally convinces her to come to a seminar that will change her life.

SUSAN: Is a quirky patient struggling with a serious illness. When Fiorella convinces her that she may have a cure she jumps at the chance.

LISA: An inquisitive and blunt patient suffering from a serious physical illness.

FIORELLA: The leader of the MLM, Posh Potions. Fiorella is a divinely dressed, sociable, hyper-positive woman who is often found in the fancy part of town with a unicorn.

GWENDOLYN: Best friend of Fiorella and Evangeline, Gwendolyn is a divinely dressed, sociable, hyper-positive woman who has worked herself out of poverty.

EVANGELINE: Best friend of Fiorella and Gwendolyn, Evangeline is a divinely dressed, sociable, hyper-positive woman, who is always happy to lend a helping hand.

JANE: Debbie and Nancy’s supervisor at the hospital. She is not impressed with Nancy’s helicopter approach and challenges her to stop meddling in her patient’s lives.

KESTREL: Kind, assertive, and intelligent, Kestrel is the main leader of Birds of Feather, Debbie’s new friend group.

FAIRY F: Fairy version of Fiorella that exists in Nancy’s mind.

FAIRY K: Fairy/god-like version of Kestrel that exists in Debbie’s mind.

WREN: A kind, helpful, inquisitive member of Birds of Feather, Debbie’s friend group.

OLIVE: A kind, helpful, inquisitive member of Birds of Feather, Debbie’s friend group.

Note: This is a seven-person cast so the roles will be double-cast as outlined below. Most actors may also be picking up small roles throughout the show.

Debbie/ Gwendolyn
Patsy/ Wren
Fiorella/ Fairy F
Susan/ Olive
Lisa/ Kestrel/ Fairy K
Evangeline/ Jane

Trigger Warnings:
This show deals with cults, self-harm, and multi-level marketing scams. There are themes of suicide, serious illness, death, and manipulation. Feel free to email Andrew at Producer[at]Cathexistheatre[dot]ca if you have any questions about the content of this show.

About the Audition:
Auditions will be held in 15 min increments from Monday, May 15th, and Wednesday, May 17th from 7PM-10PM at the University of Alberta FAB building. Let us know if you are interested in auditioning but cannot make these dates, and we will try to accommodate you.

Please prepare a monologue from a play and a song from a musical theatre production. Please bring a backtrack either saved on your phone or USB. You may also be asked to read sides from the script.

Trained actors will be given priority.

Cathexis Theatre is committed to diverse and inclusive casting. We strongly encourage submissions from all performers who self-identify as members of underrepresented communities.

Rehearsals: Rehearsals will start on May 26th, 2022 and run Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings, with the addition of Monday evenings in July.

Performance: Scamway will premiere at the 2023 Edmonton International Fringe Festival from August 17th to August 27th.

Contact: If you have any questions or are interested in booking a 15 min audition slot, please send your headshot and resume to Andrew at Producer[at]Cathexistheatre[dot]ca.

Deadline to respond is May 14, 2023

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