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Jobs (Edmonton): Production Management Associates – Catalyst Theatre

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Jobs (Edmonton): Production Management Associates – Catalyst Theatre



Catalyst Theatre
seeks three enthusiastic and self-motivated theatre professionals who are interested in strengthening and expanding their skills in production management.

Thanks to the generous support of the Edmonton Community Foundation, Catalyst has devised a program that will see three production management associates train under a highly qualified production manager to help Catalyst audit its production management practices while simultaneously creating a production management handbook that will be shared across the cultural sector.

This hybrid training/employment opportunity aims to address two critical needs:

  1. The establishment of clear and consistent practices in the area of project-based production management, with a focus on specific tools and techniques that will support original creation, local presentation, and national touring, and
  2. The creation of a larger pool of trained and experienced production managers within the Edmonton theatre sector.

Hours will fluctuate and will allow for associates to take on other projects throughout the apprenticeship.


This is a year-long initiative with the goal of creating a working model of project-based Production Management that will provide us with templates moving forward. Throughout the process the three apprentice production managers will provide assistance to the consultant in real time as they work on Catalyst’s productions.

Under the direction and guidance of our PM Team Leader, the PM Apprentices will work to:

  • complete an audit of historic/current practices and provide a report of findings,
  • create a Production Management Manual that includes budget-tracking, payroll, and scheduling templates that can be used for existing and new productions,
  • create a catalogue of all Catalyst’s production assets (scenery, props, costumes, lighting, projection and sound equipment for all our productions),
  • create tech riders that follow a consistent template and clearly outline crew, equipment, scheduling, and venue requirements for each production.

Catalyst’s PM Apprenticeship will also provide opportunities to gain experience in the area of touring, including such areas as communication with external production teams around equipment and HR requirements, transport, scheduling, and other aspects required for partnering with presenting companies and their teams.

Throughout each phase of the project, the PM Apprentices will gain hands-on, practical experience in all areas of production management including: touring, budgets, contracting, scheduling, tech riders, and inventory.

The ultimate goal of this project is:

  • The creation of a Production Management Manual that’s been tested and proven as a working guide for Catalyst staff and future PMs and can be shared with other small to mid-sized companies in our community as a tool in their own organizations,
  • The creation of a set of budget-tracking, scheduling, and tech rider templates that will enable future PMs to implement established practices and ensure consistent documentation for all future Catalyst projects that can also be shared with other small to mid-sized companies in our community, and
  • The creation of a fully catalogued inventory of all Catalyst’s production assets.

Through each step of developing the handbook the PM Apprentices will work alongside the PM Team Leader to “test it out” ensuring that the information is clear and that the strategies are effective.

Our goal for the PM Apprentices is that through hands-on experience and with the guidance and collaboration of our experienced PM Team Leader, the Apprentices will become agile, experienced, and confident Production Managers. By working as a team within a self-reflective process, they will develop the kinds of strong analytical and problem-solving skills required to achieve excellence in the area of Production Management and will be able to effectively oversee and adapt to a full scope of potential Production Management scenarios including original creation and research, local production, and touring. We anticipate the Production Management Guidebook that is created will support the evolution of consistent practices that easily transfer across organizations in Edmonton’s theatre sector that will lead to greater efficiency, ease and manageability.


As this is a paid, on-the-job training opportunity, Catalyst is open to interested candidates who have experience in production management, as well as those with experience in other areas of theatre/live performance who are keen to expand their skills and move into production management.

The successful candidates will:

  • Have experience within the theatre sector either in the production management or technical direction, or in areas such as directing, theatre administration, technical theatre, or stage management,
  • Have competent computer skills in programs such as Excel, Word, Google Drive (experience with AutoCad is a bonus),
  • Have the ability to be highly detail-oriented,
  • Be capable of a modest level of physical work,
  • Have strong communication and leadership skills,
  • Have a basic understanding of budgeting and the components that make up the budgets of a production,
  • Have experience sourcing and/or researching materials and building techniques,
  • Have creative problem-solving skills and strong analytical abilities.
  • Have basic knowledge of professional, not-for-profit theatre practice in Canada, and
  • Have excellent writing skills, along with the ability to plan and research.
  • Having a driver’s license and regular access to a vehicle would be ideal.

The ideal applicants will:

  • Be self-motivated and forward-thinking,
  • Be excellent problem-solvers,
  • Be excited to learn and ready to ask questions,
  • Be a dedicated team player and collaborator who sets the bar high for themselves and those with whom they work, and
  • Be an independent thinker with strong analytical and conceptual skills.

Above all else Catalyst is seeking candidates that are ready and willing to learn and who enjoy collaboration, as we endeavour to expand individual skill sets and improve Catalyst’s organizational capacity.


Catalyst Theatre is committed to creating original Canadian work that explores new possibilities for the theatrical art form and the process by which it is created, to exposing the work locally, nationally and internationally, and to supporting artists and cultivating audiences that represent the diverse world in which we live.

Our artistic practice is both director-driven and rooted in creative collaboration. Each of our productions is created in-house, from the ground up, and is built to tour. Under the leadership of director/writer/composer Jonathan Christenson, our core creative teams have been innovators in evolving the musical theatre form, creating bold, ambitious and highly theatrical productions that have been recognized with more than 100 local, national and international awards and nominations at nearly 85 theatres across Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Australia and the United States, including in London’s West End and New York’s Broadway district.

For nearly two decades, Catalyst has played a leading role in the development of a successful creation and touring model for Anglophone Canadian theatre and has broken new ground in building presenting partnerships between small and large organizations nationally and internationally, placing the company at the forefront of an increasingly vibrant creation and touring culture and a burgeoning ‘new Canadian musical’ ecology.

Catalyst is committed to building teams that reflect our diverse community and welcomes applicants from equity-seeking backgrounds. Catalyst believes in creating a respectful and safe work environment for all its employees, artists, contractors, board members, and volunteers, and upholds several policies to ensure a safe and inclusive workplace.


Each apprentice will be paid an hourly fee of $25/hour.

The hourly fee is meant to offer each apprentice flexibility in juggling other work opportunities. Alternately, we are open to a conversation about a “fee for service” arrangement based on availability of the Apprentice throughout the season.


Interested applicants should submit a cover letter explain their relevant experience and interest in the project as well as a C.V.

Applications and questions can be sent to:
Catalyst’s Managing Director, Lana Hughes

DEADLINE: The deadline to apply is end of day on Friday, February 17th, 2023.

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