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News (Edmonton): Annette Loiselle Passes the Torch – SkirtsAFire Festival

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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News (Edmonton): Annette Loiselle Passes the Torch – SkirtsAFire Festival

Annette Loiselle at Skirtoberfest, 2016. Photo by Keanna Hiebert.

After 10 years, SkirtsAfire’s Artistic Director and one of the founding visionaries, Annette Loiselle, is announcing 2023 as her final year at the helm of the festival.

On behalf of the SkirtsAfire Festival Board of Directors, I would like to acknowledge the remarkable genius of Annette Loiselle. Her community leadership and exceptional programming advanced the visibility of women’s artistic production, representation, and reception for more than ten years. It has been a tremendous honour working with Annette and realizing the possibilities of SkirtsAfire Festival. We look forward to continuing the work Annette has generously set in motion as SkirtsAfire Festival’s first artistic director and applaud her numerous achievements.
-Treva Swick, Board President

A note from Annette

These past 10 years of SkirtsAfire feel like a heartbeat. And yet, when I look at old photos, I’m reminded just how far we’ve come. I always knew that after a decade, I’d want to make space and step aside for new creative juices, fresh energy and renewed direction for SkirtsAfire, but it was important to me that the organization be in a solid place financially and organizationally before making this move.”

Annette will continue an artistic partnership with SkirtsAfire, directing the 2024 MainStage production and working alongside the new Artistic Director for one year to allow for succession planning. Beyond 2024, she looks forward to seeing SkirtsAfire continue to grow and evolve under new Artistic leadership.

More information and applications for the Artistic Director position will be available in early November.

Annette’s vision over the past decade has brought hundreds of vibrant, diverse and inspiring stories to the SkirtsAfire stage. Photos by April MacDonald Killins, Noella Steinhauer and BB Collective.

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