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Workshop (Edmonton): Ph.D Research Project – Devising – The Aesthetics of Awe, Meaning, and Pleasure

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Workshop (Edmonton): Ph.D Research Project – Devising – The Aesthetics of Awe, Meaning, and Pleasure

Dates: Friday, October 21, 2022 and Thursday, October 27, 2022
Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm
Location: Fringe Theatre, Edmonton
Free to attend!

Led by Jake Tkaczyk, this workshop will be an opportunity to practice different approaches to devising and generating content (images, text, etc.) through grounding a practice in awe and pleasure.

All are welcome to participate! Those associated with any of the following will benefit:

  • Identify as an artist seeking to create new work in an ensemble.
  • Wish to explore creative writing methods in performance.
  • Have an openness and ability to articulate performance and experiences verbally, physically, textually, or any other way, artistically.
  • An ability to create and discover image, gesture, and text. (If you don’t know how, great! We will work on some of this!)
  • Anyone wanting to have fun! (This is biased of course, because I think I’m fun!)

Participants may be asked to share feedback in written, audio, or video methods to contribute to the findings of this study. You have full permission to deny taking part in any aspect of the documentation of this process.

If you decide to take part in this workshop you will be given an information sheet to keep and be asked to sign a consent form. You can withdraw at any time by informing the investigator without giving a reason and without it affecting your rights/any future treatment/service you receive.

Your level of participation in this study will be up to you. We will work together from 9:30 – 12:00pm on both days (5 hours total over two days).

Are you a nerd, and want to know more about what I’m doing:
This research project examines how working by grounding a practice in awe and pleasure can: create decolonial ways of working and updating theatre and performance pedagogy; aid the artist in tackling sensitive subject matter while creating community between audience and artist and between audience and audience; develop transformative theatrical practices that support different kinds of devising processes that de-centre plot as the principal element; and innovate the way in which audiences are conceptualized within theatrical discourses and practices.

Along with the use of awe, we will experiment with crafting meaning without being literal and devise new work from a place of pleasure.

If you’d like to participate or have any questions or concerns, please email

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