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Auditions (Calgary): 100 Years of Darkness – Inside Out Theatre

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Auditions (Calgary): 100 Years of Darkness – Inside Out Theatre

100 Years of Darkness tells a story about a group of Deaf students in the 1880s who are forced into cruel experiments to “cure” them of their Deaf language and culture. This story is based on Deaf students who survived schools for the Deaf during the 19th century. 100 Years of Darkness interrogates the real-world impacts the sign language ban has had on the Deaf community.

We are seeking five performing artists to join us on our journey to a professional production running from February 12 – March 18, 2023!

This is a Deaf-led bilingual production with ASL & English.

This is a paid opportunity with our fabulous directors Karen Johnson-Diamond and Jules Dameron.

Casting Breakdown:
All characters can be played by any actor regardless of gender identity or ethnicity

  • Role #1 – Micheal, The Last Deaf Student (ASL/ENG Narrator) (Deaf/HH)
    Already fluent in ASL, Micheal shares their journey by navigating the Experiment Room and the outside world. As the investigator, Micheal provides a third-party point of view on the investigation of The Scientist and the Deaf students.
  • Role # 2 – Harmony, The Awkward Deaf Student (ASL) (Deaf/HH)
    Harmony is Hard of hearing character with Stockholm syndrome who had fallen in love with The Scientist. They aspire to be a dancer. The character has been living in the science lab/infirmary for a short time.
  • Role # 3 – Cedar, The Wise Deaf Student (ASL) (Deaf/HH)
    Proud Deaf character and a mentor to many students. Cedar has been living in the infirmary the longest and shares a lot of wisdom in life. Cedar dreams of owning a sunflower shop.
  • Role # 4 – The Funder (ENG) (Hearing + Queer)
    The Funder is a typical hearing person who believes that ASL is unnecessary. They have good intentions at heart and provide resources for The Scientist to help Deaf people to assimilate into society.
  • Role # 5 – The Scientist (Deaf/HH or Hearing) (Physical theatre, no languages)
    (Dancers/movement artists encouraged to apply)
    The scientist develops a theory that ASL is evil and secretly experiments with Oralism. They want to revolutionize communication by having Deaf students assimilate to society.

Send an email, stating your interest & what role, to our producer Camille camille@insideouttheatre.com by October 15th in order to be considered.

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