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Auditions (Alberta): Casting Call – OffBook Acting Studio

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Auditions (Alberta): Casting Call – OffBook Acting Studio

Offbook Acting Studio Casting Call

Project Title: Grand Prairie
Director: Evan Prosofsky
Producers: Nicole Irene Dyck, Joaquin Cardoner
Local Casting: OffBook Acting Studio
Project type, union status: Documentary, non-union, paid.
Shoot Dates: End of August/Beginning of September 2022
Shoot location: Calgary, Edmonton, and greater Alberta.
Usage: Film festivals, educational.
Rate: $1000 flat fee for family, $500 flat fee for principle (3-5 days)
Self-tape deadline: July 24th, 2022

GRAND PRAIRIE is a documentary feature film, inspired by the director’s experience growing up in the province of Alberta, Canada. The film is an authentic portrayal of the beauty and diversity of the many different ways of life in the prairies, which will be shot and presented in immersive IMAX 70mm.

The film mixes scripted narrative scenes with traditional documentary footage of real people, and an original orchestral score to create a multi-fasciated narrative tapestry. The film can best be thought of as a captivating visual odyssey, similar to the films Baraka and Tree of Life.

We are looking for participants; actors, non-actors, and families from all backgrounds who are interested in taking part in the film, by sharing a bit about their lives and experiences growing up in the Wild Rose Country. Below are some of the roles we are looking to cast.

Additional Notes: The project is fully independent and will be filmed in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We’d like to build our scenes with as many real moments as we can with our cast and their natural group of friends and family. Actors should be “real”, and eventually, open to a natural relationship with our camera’s presence as we develop the scenes together, based on their habits and lifestyles. We are looking for individuals who are comfortable and natural in front of the camera as opposed to traditional actors or performers.


[Agriculture/Farming Family]: Ideally a large family…multiple kids. You come from a long generation of farmers/ranchers, but don’t necessarily have to be engaged with it for a living. You may just live on a big property in the prairies with some dogs, livestock, farmland, etc. Ideally the kids have a large group of friends and community that is open to being filmed.

[Young Cowboy]: PRINCIPLE aged 10 – 17
We are looking for a real young cowboy. Someone who grew up on a farm and who comes from a family of farmers. You breathe the agrarian lifestyle.

[Young Suburb Kid]: PRINCIPLE aged 10 – 17
Just a regular kid from the suburbs. Sheltered, curious, maybe frustrated, and bored. You go to school, hang out with your friends after class, play video games, sports, an instrument? Maybe you spend time at the mall. Routines are dull but you find ways to break out of them. Tell us how.

Submission video instructions:
Please record a video telling us a bit about yourself.

**You are not required to state which role you are taping for

-Please include actor resume/demo if you have them.
-State your name and age and where you are from and where you are currently located.
-Tell us what interests you about being a part of this project. This should feel like a casual introduction. -What are your hobbies, what do you enjoy about living where you do and why, or why not? Favourite movies or music. What do you like and dislike about going to school? The more you can tell us about yourself the better.
-3 minutes MAX
-Ensure the room is well lit with a neutral background
-Please send file as a viewable link that does not require download. (Vimeo, YouTube etc) with subject header: Alberta Project Submittal
Actors and Non-Actors welcome!

Please send file as a viewable link that does not require download. (Vimeo, YouTube etc) with subject header: Alberta Project Submittal to

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