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What’s On (Calgary): Parts & Labour – Fieldwork

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What’s On (Calgary): Parts & Labour – Fieldwork

Parts & Labour, a live documentary
By Col Cseke
Directed by Mieko Ouchi
July 1st-9th, 2022

The Canadian Government describes the Temporary Foreign Worker program as a “last resort” for employers, but what about the thousands of international workers who see it as their best chance at becoming Canadian?

For the better part of a decade Col Cseke has been documenting the stories of Temporary Foreign Workers who came to Alberta to work at meat packing plants, and it’s time to bring these stories to the stage.

Stories like the butcher in Mexico who checked the label of the beef he was selling and had to Google where Brooks, Alberta is – all to come work here.

Or the Filipino philosophy student who now works the kill floor “sticking” over a thousand cows a day.

And the dedicated family man who kept showing up for his shifts in the early days of the pandemic, only to tragically bring the pandemic home.

These essential stories of hope and hardship are ready for you in Parts & Labour.

But, there’s always room for one more story. Each night show creator Col Cseke will welcome to the stage a special guest connected to these stories for an interview before the live audience.

  • June 30 (Preview), July 1, July 3 & July 5-9 at 7:30 pm
  • July 3 & July 9 at 2 pm

At The West Village Theatre, 2007 10 Ave SW, Calgary

Info & Tickets at

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