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Auditions (Calgary): Lunchbox Theatre – Countries Shaped Like Stars

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Auditions (Calgary): Lunchbox Theatre – Countries Shaped Like Stars

Countries Shaped Like Stars
By Emily Pearlman and Nick Di Gaetano
March 21- April 8th, 2023

A co-production with Forte Musical Theatre Guild

A love story for adults, teens and precocious children, Gwendolyn Magnificent and Bartholomew Spectacular use a tin-can telephone to share their whimsical story. The performance begins with demanding dragon fruits and ends with heartache whispered into the ears of birds and constellations. With spoons, water glasses, whirly-winds and a mandolin, the performers create the sounds and images of a landscape forever altered by two people coming together and falling apart. A new production of this multi-award-winning play with music featuring all Calgary artists.

Directed by Kathryn Smith

Roles being auditioned:

G. Magnificent
-20’s – 40’s / Any gender
A magnificent human. G cares for dragon fruit trees and feels very deeply. This performer should have a sense of rhythm and musicality. Mostly percussion will be utilized, but other simple instruments may be played as well. Should also be comfortable singing and harmonizing.

B. Spectacular
-20’s – 40’s / Any gender
A spectacular human. B converses with the constellations and believes in fantastical happenings. Ability to comfortably play one of the following is required: mandolin, guitar, ukulele, violin. Should be comfortable singing and harmonizing.

*The characters in the script can shift in gender to suit the process and performer.
**Please list any instruments you are comfortable playing on stage. No high skill level is required, but a basic knowledge of chords and technique is of value.
***A note from the playwrights: There are songs, but it is not a musical. Singing with your heart is preferred over polished show tune style singing (though you should do your best to sing them well, with an ear for harmonies and melody).
****This show will be playful, and will include things like talking with the audience and experimenting with physicality and object theatre.

For the audition
– sides will be provided
– please prepare to sing 90 seconds of a favourite song. You can play an instrument if you’d like, or have a backing track we can hook up to a speaker.

Deadline to submit: Friday June 17th.
Please send your CV to
Lunchbox will only be seeing local artists.

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