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What’s On (Calgary): IBPOC Playwrights Unit Saturday Showcase – Chromatic Theatre

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What’s On (Calgary): IBPOC Playwrights Unit Saturday Showcase – Chromatic Theatre

Chromatic Theatre is proud to present two workshop readings from our IBPOC Playwrights Unit!

On this night, we will be featuring the work of Rick Gaudio and Sepidar Yeganeh Farid.

Tickets are $10 (eventbrite fees not included). The workshop readings will take place at the Studio Theatre at The Grand YYC (608 1 St SW, Calgary, AB). Doors open at 7:00pm.


When It Rains by Rick Gaudio:

When It Rains is a play set in the Café Liberté, an off-grid coffee shop run its proprietor, Fanchon Laliberté, on a rainy night when her regular customers take refuge from the storm, and the arrival of a stranger brings secrets and emotions flooding to the surface

Limbo by Sepidar Yeganeh Farid

Imagine leaving behind everything you know and the place you call home only to find yourself somewhere you don’t exist on paper. Limbo tells the intertwined stories of refugees from different countries who land in Turkey with the goal of travelling to a safe space beyond these borders. We hear of tales recounting their efforts to leave – legally and illegally, and challenges they face day in and day out. At the centre of it all, we follow the story of a family who has been stuck there longer than they ever imagined, will they get out or will they stay suspended in limbo forever?

Online ticket sales close on June 11 at 7pm. If you have trouble buying tickets, it can also be purchased at the door.

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