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Audition (Edmonton): Wild Moos Chase – Cathexis Theatre

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Audition (Edmonton): Wild Moos Chase – Cathexis Theatre

Cathexis Theatre is excited to announce auditions for our brand new musical, Wild Moos Chase!

About the Company:
Cathexis Theatre is an independent Edmonton-based theatre company dedicated to creating brave, eccentric, new works! We find humor in darkness and shine light on commonly misunderstood or disregarded issues.

About the Show:
Filet and her sister, Brisket live in the whimsical, diluted, pun-filled town called Meatland. In a constant battle between curiosity and managing her mental health, Filet finds herself unable to open the literal door and get answers. Once she finds a poster that conflicts with everything she was taught, she decides to face her disorder and learn the truth.


  • FILET (Female identifying): An inquisitive, ambitious and considerate sister and daughter. She has dreamed of becoming the “happy heifer homicider” and is devastated when Meat Man gives this position to Brisket. When she hears that Brisket is stealing the cows with her estranged mother she faces her obsessive-compulsive disorder in attempts to get through to Brisket and save meat. *Filet has the harm subtype of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. As OCD is often misrepresented and misunderstood, we are hoping to cast someone with lived experience in this role.
  • BRISKET (Female Identifying): Considerate, rule-abiding, impressive sister and daughter. She is excited when given the “happy heifer homicider” position and hopes to keep Filet from asking unsavory questions in the hope that she can join her one day.
  • MIGNON (Female Identifying): Bold, curious, mysterious estranged mother to Filet and Brisket. She went through “The Door” and never came back.
  • MEAT MAN (Male Identifying): The whimsical, alliterative, charismatic leader of Meatland and father of Filet and Brisket.
  • MUNCHIE MOO (Non-gender specific): A wacky, bossy, rhyming, inaccurate Cow Mascot of Meatland. Munchie Moo also serves as a vessel for Filet’s OCD.
  • COW (Non-gender specific): Filet’s kind, sensitive, blunt, stuffed cow given to her by Mignon. Cow hopes to break down Filet’s defensive hatred toward her mother and reunite with Mignon.
  • BEEF (Non-gender specific): A wise but broken poster of a cow. Beef hopes to save the real version of themselves from Brisket and Mignon.
  • LOIN/FLANK/WELLINGTON (Non-gender specific): Wacky, obedient, obsessive citizens of Meatland. These characters do not like change and are obsessed with Meat and Meat Man.

Note: This is a seven-person cast so LOIN, FLANK, and WELLINGTON will be double cast as either COW, BEEF, or MIGNON. BRISKET and MEAT MAN will also be picking up small roles throughout the show.

About the Audition:
Auditions will be held in 15 min increments from Monday, May 9th, and Tuesday, May 10th and from 7PM-10PM at the University of Alberta FAB 3-125.

Please prepare a monologue from a play and a song from a musical theatre production. Please bring a backtrack either saved on your phone or USB. You may also be asked to read sides from the script.

Trained actors will be given priority.

Cathexis Theatre is committed to diverse and inclusive casting. We strongly encourage submissions from all performers who self-identify as members of underrepresented communities.

Rehearsals will take place from May 27th 2022 to August 10th 2022. These rehearsals will be occurring on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday evenings from 6-10PM. Wednesday evenings will be added starting on July 25th.

Wild Moos Chase will premiere at the 2022 Edmonton International Fringe Festival from August 11th to August 21st at La Cite Francophone.

If you have any questions or are interested in booking an audition slot, please send your headshot and resume to Emily at

Deadline to respond is May 8, 2022

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