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Workshop (Milo): ClownLife Workshop & Retreat – Canadian Academy Of Mask and Puppetry

Workshop (Milo): ClownLife Workshop & Retreat – Canadian Academy Of Mask and Puppetry


Clown is not just a performance expression but a philosophy and way of life, a life of connection, expressive freedom, humour, authenticity, honesty, presence, intuition, risk, commitment and the ability to fail well. It’s one thing to perform clown but another to adopt the profound teachings into your life and work. This is no easy feat, it’s a deep developmental process unleashing your self-expression, understanding your limitations on a visceral level and taking courageous risks to express authentically before others.

The Clownlife pedagogy is focused on self-research through the art and practice of clown with a strong focus on well-being and mindful living. Exploring the central questions: Who are you in relation to the self, the other and the natural world beyond? What is funny about you? How does the world see you? How do you connect? How do you fail or in other words flop? How easy is it to laugh with yourself? What are the different masks (of your personality) that you wear? How curious can you be? And ultimately how can we insist on following our pleasure to awaken our life force, to not take this life for granted but rather express authentically true to our nature and find our inward freedom to not only liberate ourselves but our audiences too? This work can lead to profound transformation not just in our performance and stage practice but above all it has the ability to transform our lives if we let it.

ClownLife is offering two options:

>> 5 Day Workshop <> 10 Day Retreat <<
August 18 – 27, 2022
The Pickle Parish in Milo, Alberta

Early Bird Price : $1100
After March 31st : $1200
After May 31st : $1300
*Price includes Camping Fees & Meals


Please email Elaine at: to express your interest and confirm your place.
Payments will be made through online e-transfer or PayPal to avoid additional fees

There is no limit to the profound teachings Clown explores:

  • Being seen and seeing others
  • Expressions of the wild self
  • Heightening a sense of Intuition
  • Accepting all of ourselves- “You are enough to be loved”
  • Understand how the world sees you
  • Share your humility
  • Go beyond your protective mask and stand authentically
  • Commit and follow through
  • To share honestly with vulnerability and sensitivity
  • To meet your limitations and challenge yourself to go further
  • To laugh at yourself and see the humour in your world
  • Having a ridiculously fun time while diving in to the depths of exploring the self.

Why study with Zuma?
Whilst there are hundreds of clown gurus around the world who teach their expertise and specific styles- this course was designed by Zuma in order to apply the nature, wisdom, philosophy and games of clown to expand our lives beyond the ordinary. Zuma has extensively trained with over 50 leading clown teachers worldwide for the past 14 years (including full 1-2 year intensive programs with Philippe Gaulier- Paris France and the School Of Clown and Comedy- Montréal, Francine Côté- Cirque Du Soleil) just to mention a few. “Clowns foundation, philosophy and practice can enhance our lives exponentially. Let us go beyond the ordinary- to feel what it is to truly live, beyond limitations, finding freedom from the compounds of our over thinking minds and finally be real with others and ourselves”. For those who have a yearning to live deeply, full heartedly, playfully and genuinely- this course was designed for you. Offering all the best teachings from years of training with a focus on personal development and how clown can enhance your life.

Facilitator Bio
Zuma Puma aka. Nelly Scott is a Canadian performer and the founder of Clownlife courses merging the work of Clown and personal development with a focus on how the studies of Clown can positively influence one’s life and artistic practice exponentially.
Zuma has facilitated over a thousand Clownlife participants over the years in 14 countries across the UK, Australia, Europe, South, Central and North America. Teaching in universities, colleges, theatre companies, corporate settings, artistic residencies and retreats, online and the list goes on.
She is most well regarded for her work founding the International Lost Cabaret- London’s most alternative comedy night since 2012. The weekly Comedy cabaret took on its own life and grew into a collective initiative with a manifesto to support contemporary alternative comedians push the boundaries to create new works, some have garnered great success with Netflix specials and International awards. The Lost Cabaret comedy nights are now showcasing comedians regularly around the world in; London UK, Melbourne Australia, Sydney Australia and Paris, France.

There are no refunds on tickets, but, tickets can be transferable to another participant if organised by the buyer.

We will be keeping up to date on Covid-19 guidelines and will work with our collective comfort levels when creating a plan.

::IMPORTANT :: All participants must show proof of vaccination prior or a negative covid test to the start of the workshop. Due to the nature of the Clown practice being a full body and fill face expression form, we will be aiming to hold the workshop without wearing masks

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