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Library: Introducing the World Theatre Collection and How To Make Your Own List

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Library: Introducing the World Theatre Collection and How To Make Your Own List

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We’re thrilled to announce the creation of the World Theatre Collection in the Theatre Alberta Library. The collection was sparked by a conversation with Theatre Alberta member Eric Rice. Eric wondered if more plays from outside of the dominant western culture could be made available through the library, and we agreed our collection could be expanded. We thoroughly enjoyed sourcing plays from all over the world and were delighted by the discoveries we made. Our intention is to Keep developing this collection as we add new items to the library.

Image of a drop down menu on the Theatre Alberta Library web page. World Theatre is highlighted in yellow.

To access the World Theatre Collection, enter the library’s online catalogue. In the top left corner above the Theatre Alberta Banner you will find a ‘Lists’ icon (see image for reference). Select World Theatre from the drop-down menu and voila, you’ll see the items added to the collection so far. Theatre Alberta members can reserve the books in the collection, and we’ll mail them out!


Did you know that Theatre Alberta members can create their own lists of Library items that they are interested in?

If you’d like to create a list, start by are logging in to your Library account. Choose the first item that you’d like to add to your list. Click on the ‘Save to your lists’ icon.

A pop-up screen will appear, asking you to select a list, or add to a new list. If this is your first list, think up a name for your list, and write it in the ‘List name’ field. Then under Category, choose ‘private’, and then click on the save button. This ensures that this list may only be seen by you, unless you wish to share it. The ‘public’ lists are for librarian use only.

If you have more titles to add, you may do so in a similar way. When the first pop-up screen appears, just click on your list name that you have already created to add your new book title to your list.

To share your list with friends or co- workers, click on the ‘Send list’ icon. A pop-up window will appear asking you for the email address of your friend and a space to write comments. This is a handy way to use the catalog for script selection. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS FEATURE TO REQUEST OR RENEW BOOKS – the librarian will not get your message.

If you find several books that you’d like to add to your list on a single results page, just click the squares in front of the titles you want, and this will appear above the results:

Image of a dropdown menu - text 'with selected titles add to...'

– just choose the appropriate list from the drop-down menu.

You may create and keep several lists. You could create a list for script selections, a future reading list, or a must-read list to give to someone else.

If you have any further questions on creating lists, please contact the librarian.

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