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Job (Calgary): Join the Descendants Creative Team as Director, Choreographer & Musical Director – StoryBook Theatre

Job (Calgary): Join the Descendants Creative Team as Director, Choreographer & Musical Director – StoryBook Theatre

StoryBook Theatre is hiring production positions for The Descendants

StoryBook is proud to engage emerging and professional artists as part of our productions. This important dynamic provides an “on-the-job” learning experience for those looking to make theatre career to those who already are. Within the production environment, there are many different roles that require different levels of experience.There are a variety of roles included on productions from volunteer to paid positions.

Our creative teams are ​always comprised of Professional Artists with a background in theatre arts. This background could be either on or off the stage, but the expectation is that our key creatives bring with them a wealth of professional knowledge, work standards and practices they can share with emerging volunteer cast and crew. Engaging in a contract with StoryBook means you are not only acting in the role assigned but as a mentor and leader to those working with and for you.

​General Auditions are complete and Callbacks are scheduled.

Contract dates are as follows:
November 5 – Hiring
November 6 – Callbacks
December 5 to January 8 – Preliminary Meetings and planning
January 8 to February 11 – Rehearsals, Tech & Opening

​The full project commitment can be found HERE.

​Candidates from all over Canada are invited to apply, but special focus will be given to Alberta-based artists.

We offer a variety of production-related contracts to professional and emerging professional artists in their fields, depending on personal experience, education and the role one may take on within any given production. All artists are paid under contract for the work. The following are the current contracts available for the 2021 Season with an estimated contract fee. Fees are continually assessed based on granting support, artists’ skillset and production demands.

Directors – est. $4000.00 (typically engaged under CAEA)
Choreographers – est. $3000.00 (could be engaged under CAEA)
Musical Directors – est. $3000.00
Stage Managers – est. $4500.00
Theatre Technician – est. $1800.00
Asst. Stage Managers – est. $1800.00
Sound Tech – est $1250.00
Lighting Designers – est. $2500.00
Set Designers – est. $2500.00
Costume Designers – est. $2500.00

​If you have inquiries or questions relating to roles and compensation.


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