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Job (Edmonton): Arts & Community Engagement Specialist

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Job (Edmonton): Arts & Community Engagement Specialist

Jube School - We're Hiring!

The Opportunity: Arts & Community Engagement Specialist

The Arts & Community Engagement Specialist is responsible for a variety of tasks that relate to different
parts of the Arts and Community Engagement Department at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.
The Arts & Community Engagement Specialist reports to the Executive Director and works alongside the
Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium Arts & Community Engagement Specialist in Calgary.

Responsible for Jube School Program in Edmonton

  • Overseeing and developing Community Engagement programming online and in person.
  • Developing and managing budget for the Arts and Community Engagement pillar of AJAS.
  • Creation of schedule, prep and planning for workshops.
  • Communication with artists, teachers and Inquiring Minds.
  • Occasional facilitation of Jube School programming (5 Day, 1&2 Day, Summer Camp and special
    programs) both in person and online. Guiding the week through a big question and inquiry while
    engaging in the creative process.
  • Overseeing and training Jube School Facilitators.
  • Documenting the educational process.
  • Reviewing and accepting Jube School applications.
  • Attend pre-planning sessions with teachers including introduction meetings and teacher training.
  • Presenting area updates to the AJAS Board and other stakeholders.
  • Contributing to the culture and general responsibilities of the Jubilee’s administrative team.
  • Promoting Jube School and other programming via Teachers’ Conventions and other like events.
  • Identify possible revenue and sponsorship sources and managing these relationships.
  • Determine target markets, sales approach, positioning of programs.

Rotating Public Art Spaces:

  • Soliciting and reviewing applications for Rotating Public Art Spaces.
  • Providing selected artists with contracts and coordinating pick-up/drop off of their pieces.
  • Scheduling the installation and removal of art pieces.
  • Coordinating the creation of all promotional materials for Rotating Public Art Spaces.
  • Planning and facilitating the Opening Night Reception for each exhibition (booking catering,
    planning event and inviting guests)

Community Engagement:

  • Fostering a connection to the Edmonton arts community (theatre, music and visual arts)
  • Creating new opportunities to engage communities in the arts.
  • Working with local groups to build arts educators’ roster and organizational partnerships.
  • Connect with potential sponsors/donors for programming.
  • Promote the Jubilee’s programs and events in the community.

Financial Management:

  • Overseeing the financial plan for community engagement activities at NAJA.
  • Working with Arts and Community Engagement Specialist in Calgary to develop budgets.
  • Implementation and monitoring of Arts & Community Engagement Financial Plan.


  • Post-Secondary education in Fine Arts or Education.
  • Experience in arts administration.
  • Experience in an arts education role strongly preferred.
  • Genuine and authentic passion for working with young people and the arts.
  • Comfort and ease speaking in front of groups of students.
  • Ability to adapt and be flexible with a schedule.
  • Creative in planning and delivery of programming.
  • Can work individually and in a collaborative environment.
  • Comfort with social media platforms for promotion and communication.
  • Aptitude for technical delivery techniques on Zoom, Teams or other platforms.

The position closes October 8, 2021

See full job posting here

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