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Job (Edmonton): Edmonton Opera Leadership

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Job (Edmonton): Edmonton Opera Leadership

Edmonton Opera

Founded in 1963, Edmonton Opera has a rich history in the City of
Edmonton. We are looking for a leader who will help our company
navigate into the future of opera in Canada in order to secure a
principal place among performing arts organizations in Edmonton
and throughout the country.

This can only be achieved with the direction of an experienced visionary
who is able to stretch the company potential in the multi-dimensional
experience known as opera. We are looking for a qualified professional
with experience in the music and staging of opera.

The successful candidate must be able to propose and complete
projects and performances that draw on both the existing canon of
operatic works as well as exploratory performances and presentations
that engage our public. Our future is in seeking imaginative ways of
working with diverse communities and presenting compelling
performances. The leader requires a highly collaborative style of
working with others, and it is the expectation of the Board that new
partnerships, friendships and collaborations will be used to enhance
the reputation and esteem of Edmonton Opera.

As with all things, our journey in achieving excellence in all performance
and operations will be shaped by the resources we have available, and
the leader is expected to work within those resources provided by the
Board in order to ensure a long-term sustainable future for Edmonton
Opera – both artistically and fiscally.

The leader will report directly to the Board, and their work will be
carried out in a team environment that draws on and acknowledges
the skills of all staff and artists. The incumbent must lead with vision,
delegate with appropriateness and treat all with respect.

Enquiries may be made to: Richard Cook, Interim General Director,
Edmonton Opera at richard.cook@edmontonopera.com

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