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Class (Online): Anti-Racist Theatre: A Foundational Course

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Class (Online): Anti-Racist Theatre: A Foundational Course

Anti-racist Theatre

Uprooting ingrained racism in the theatre industry by developing an anti-racist theatre ethos. CAPTIONING provided.

About this event

Nicole Brewer, creator of Conscientious Theatre Training and originator of the Anti-Racist Theatre (A.R.T.) movement is teaching her unique approach which blends anti-racist theory, social justice, collectivism, healing justice and theatre exercises for an embodied understanding of racism and our agency to become anti-racist.

In this two part six hour course Nicole offers participants tools to craft their own unique anti-racist theatre ethos and delve into the three core principles of anti-racist theatre: harm reduction, harm prevention and relationship repair.

Participants will be guided through self reflection exercises designed to strengthen their analysis of their position, power, privilege and begin to uproot their racist practices, policies, and protocols.

All who believe the way forward for theatre is anti-racist and anti-oppressive are welcome. We all have a role to play. The future of art will be nourished by you. Join us in doing the work to make sure theatre is a liberated place for all.


*Logistics: This is ONE class which happens in TWO PARTS over multiple dates! Part One is Monday, July 26, 2-5 PM EST. Part Two is Monday, August 2, 2-5 PM EST. This course will be held via Zoom through the Eventbrite platform. This event may be recorded however no participants names or likeness will be used without their permission.

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