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Resource (Alberta): Surveying The Landscape – A Study of New Play Development in Canada

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Resource (Alberta): Surveying The Landscape – A Study of New Play Development in Canada

Surveying the Landscape: The New Play Ecology in Canada

Commissioned by Alberta Playwrights’ Network, “Surveying The Landscape” is a practical research study surrounding the experience of playwrights and status of new play development in Canada, gathering insights from artists and decision makers about the processes and pathways to creating theatre. After an unexpected pandemic interruption, hundreds of conversations and hours of data mining, and valuable time to write and reflect, this study has now been released to the public.
Featuring firsthand accounts from hundreds of playwrights in english and french from every region in Canada, the “Surveying the Landscape” study contains:

  • a database of pre-pandemic contacts, programs, and submission information for play development centres, theatre companies, producing festivals, publishers, and funders
  • an Executive Summary (like a movie trailer, this offers a quick glance at the big picture)
  • the full report, featuring detailed recommendations to organizations and artists in the sector, gorgeous cover art by Bianca Guimarães De Manuel, and illustrative design by Kelsi Kalmer

The research study can be accessed here: albertaplaywrights.squarespace.com/surveying-the-landscape

We want to hear from you! Questions and feedback are warmly invited, so please feel free to contact Research Coordinator Louise Casemore at louise@albertaplaywrights.com. Please read, share, and spread the word!

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