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What’s On (Edmonton): Night – Major Matt Mason Collective/CGAS

What’s On (Edmonton): Night – Major Matt Mason Collective/CGAS

How do you keep your humanity when every instinct tells you to run free and howl at the moon? Night by Geoffrey Simon Brown imagines a reality where human connection struggles against animal ferocity in the eyes of someone desperately seeking a way to feel at home with themselves.

The Major Matt Mason Collective and Common Ground Arts Society are thrilled to welcome you to this heart-pounding drive-in nosedive into the darkness. Tickets are available now for vehicles or individual outdoor seating.

This story of compulsive transformation, control versus wildness is told by solo performer Zoë Glassman, directed by Yousuf Liepert, designed by Elise CM Jason, and choreographed by Clarke Blair with an original soundscape by Liv McRobbie. Pull up to our performance location in Rundle Park, set your radios to receive our audio transmission or take a radio headset to your outdoor seat, and prepare to enter the darkness.

Night features material and scenes with graphic, unsettling, and emotionally intense content. This event is not recommended for audiences aged 16 and under, parental guidance is strongly encouraged.

Click Here for tickets, content warnings, and more information.

Night runs June 17-20 and 24-26 at 10:00pm. Tickets are extremely limited!