New logo, new look, new site!

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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New logo, new look, new site!

We’re very excited to officially unveil our new logo, new look, and new website!

A huge thank you to the design team at Curio Studio for reimagining the Theatre Alberta logo and updating our colour scheme. The good folx at Curio put a great deal of thought and creativity into how to visually represent our organization. Here’s some of the thinking that went into the new logo:

The Theatre Alberta logo undertakes to embody the values of inclusion, playfulness, and spectacle. The variation in boldness in the letters approximates an effect of spotlights moving across a curtain. Below the organization’s name, we see an audience of seven people sitting in a row. Each of these characters has been rendered using pairs of simple geometric shapes. By diversifying the shapes and colours used in each character, we establish that Theatre Alberta is welcoming of people of all identities. Though it’s visually fairly simple, the small choices included in this logo design create a contemporary and versatile look.” ~ Curio Studio (read more here)

We must also offer a heart-felt thank you to actor, artist, and our own resident web guru Graham Mothersill. Graham has spent the last few months researching, archiving, organizing, coding, and performing many other magical digital feats to create this new site for us. His focus was on building something that was accessible (note the accessibility tools on the right), responsive, easy to navigate, and nice to look at. We like it a lot, and we hope you will to!

We fully expect that there may be a few quirks as roll out our new site. If you’re browsing through and encounter any errors, broken links, or any other technical oddities, please let us know. Email Ray Brickwood at [email protected]. Now go take a tour!