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Event (Online): Interaction Design for Digital and Hybrid Performance: A Liveshow-DATE CHANGED

Event (Online): Interaction Design for Digital and Hybrid Performance: A Liveshow-DATE CHANGED



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Welcome to Savanna Harvey’s liveshow: Interaction Design for Digital and Hybrid Performance!


May 25th, 2021 at 7:30 MDT on Twitch.*
Register online:
Free admission
Inquiries can be directed to Angus Thomson (he/him):

*Please note, this event was originally scheduled for Tuesday, May 11th, 2021. The province of Alberta has since introduced stricter regulations against gathering as a protective measure against COVID-19. This impacted the show’s production timeline, as we prioritize the safety of our team and adapt our process to the new restrictions. The new show date is Tuesday, May 25th, 2021.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started a year ago, we have seen so many resilient performing artists, collectives, and organizations adapt and take their work online. But digital shows are a brave new world, and that world has its own language (and I’m not just talking about Python or C++).

Join artist-in-residence and interdisciplinary artist, Savanna Harvey, online from her studio at cSPACE for a liveshow presentation, demo, and Q&A on digital dramaturgy and designing/writing/devising for interaction.

Learn how to create and implement exciting audience engagement devices for digital production IRL and in real-time: testing new contraptions, props, bots, and hacks. The event will focus on applied methods for online audiences to interact with a performer and their physical environment. Savanna will share her artistic process from the cSPACE residency and the interdisciplinary, dramaturgical principles of creating for intermedial interaction, which she believes is a vital next step for mainstream digital performance to thrive even beyond the pandemic.

Definitely not another Zoom room, this theatre-nerd-meets-Bill-Nye-the-Science-Guy event hopes to inspire with user-friendly, accessibly-priced technologies, demonstrating what’s possible with a little robot brains!

Suitable for beginner to intermediate digital and performing arts creators and either adapted-to-digital or designed-for-digital projects. Great for improving audience connection and engagement within adapted-to-digital work, and a fantastic opportunity to inspire new projects originating in physical-digital performance spaces.


Savanna is an interdisciplinary creator-performer specializing in alternative theatre practices (mask, puppetry, clown, collective creation, immersive, interactive, site-specific, installation, intermedial, etc.) She considers design and build essential parts of her creation practice, and has a hands-on, DIY, build it yourself, fix it yourself approach.

Since the pandemic, Savanna has helped 150 artists make the jump to digital as a creative and digital producer. She has written, designed, programmed, and operated over 10 major livestream experiences. She spent 3 years as a digital literacy and makerspace programmer in the public library system (robotics, coding, bookprinting, graphic design, video editing, stop motion, game design, STEAM, etc.), and is very excited to apply and share this knowledge in the arts.





This residency and stream are made possible by the Creative Incubator Residency program. Thank you cSPACE and the Calgary Foundation!


  • Liveshow, streaming on Twitch. Viewers may register an optional account if they wish, but this is not required for viewing. A Twitch account is required if you want to participate in the chat, however, and this is for security purposes. You can pre-register an account at:
  • Automated closed captioning provided
  • A recording of the stream will be shared on Youtube later in the week (register on Eventbrite to be notified, edited closed captions will be included).
  • While there are strong visual components to the show (build and demo), there are auditory access points in host-audience conversation about digital dramaturgy, experience / interaction design, and making art in a pandemic. Audiences are encouraged to contribute to the conversation using the Twitch Chat feature, but are also welcome to participate by listening.
  • Rated for a General Audience. No content or trigger warnings at this time. Confirmation will be shared closer to the event via email, however no changes are anticipated.
  • Tone of the show: fun and educational
  • Free admission
  • If you have access needs that were not addressed or have further questions, please contact Angus Thomson (Apprentice Digital Producer):


Savanna lives and creates in Treaty 6 and 7 territories in Amiskwaciywâskahikan-Edmonton and Mohkínstsis-Calgary. She is a white descendant of prairie settlers and has benefitted from the systemic racism and genocide of Canada’s indigenous peoples. She is committed to dismantling oppressive systems and fighting in solidarity with land and water protectors. Indigenous sovereignty and reconciliation should be the cornerstones of climate action because environmentalism without intersectionality is just white supremacy with trees. We are all treaty people.


This liveshow will be streamed live to Twitch (international servers) and utilizes an array of specialised hardware behind-the-scenes to make this possible. While digital communities and their required technologies have provided immeasurable relief from social isolation during the pandemic, they also contribute to increased power consumption, resulting in more greenhouse gas emissions, exacerbating the climate crisis. Increased demand for these products feed exploitative, inhumane resource extraction and unconscionable wealth disparity from techno-colonization. The planned obsolescence of technologies and inability or difficulty in self-upgrading or repairing our devices is a contributing factor to the catastrophic electronic waste crisis. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.
The internet has provided both a haven and a hell for equity-seeking communities online. IBPOC, LGBTQIA*, women, disabled peoples, sex workers, the elderly, and other vulnerable communities are frequent targets for online harassment, bullying, and exploitation. Rural and impoverished communities face barriers to sufficient and reliable broadband access and the tools to utilize it, putting them at a lifelong disadvantage in an ever-digitizing world.


Theatre Alberta does not necessarily endorse the organizations and/or individuals submitting Classified listings on our site. It is the responsibility of each patron using the Theatre Alberta Classifieds to research the integrity of the organizations who submit listings to which they are applying/responding and to verify specific information, especially pertaining to the job/audition listings and youth listings.

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