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Auditions (Calgary): Seeking Actor/Musicians for Workshop of Queer TYA Musical – Blue Jeans Theatre

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Auditions (Calgary): Seeking Actor/Musicians for Workshop of Queer TYA Musical – Blue Jeans Theatre

Blue Jeans Theatre is seeking actor/musicians for their development residency of Ella the Elk, a new queer theatre-for-young-audience musical. The play will be workshopped from May 10th-21st as part of Vertigo Theatre’s Foreign Relations Artistic Residency. 

About Us:

Blue Jeans Theatre is a new queer theatre collective formed in Calgary in September 2020 by Shannon Murphy and Kristy Benz. We are focused on new works and adaptations that celebrate and uplift the queer community, give opportunities to queer artists, and spread joy and acceptance.

About the Project:

Ella the Elk looks at the complications of puberty and self-identity through the eyes of an Albertan elk. Through collaboratively created music and movement, we follow a young female elk as she deals with the sudden evolutionary adaptation caused by our ever-changing environment, asking the question: What happens when a female elk develops antlers? Exploring the complimentary themes of changes in the environment and changes in our bodies, Ella the Elk hopes to encourage young people to search for their identity in relationship with the natural world, while highlighting the correlation between compassion for ourselves, our peers, and our environment.

About the Workshop:

Blue Jeans will be workshopping this show in the Playhouse at Vertigo Theatre. We’ll be running May 10-14 and 17-21 from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm with a one-hour break for lunch. We will have a COVID safety plan in place. Should a COVID resurgence prohibit us from accessing the space, Vertigo has a plan in place to offer similar support in an online capacity.

Roles to be Cast:

  • Charlie: A young, hyperactive elk who desperately wants his antlers to appear. Best friend to Ella and Ryley.
  • Ryley: Son of the Head Bull, he is revered for his new antlers but is more of the quiet type and shies away from the attention.
  • Tarin/ Mama Ellen: Tarin is a young, no-nonsense, popular elk who has her eyes set on Ryley. She is the leader of EMT, a trio of female elk. Mama Ellen is the loving, clumsy mother to Ella.
  • Erin/ Aunty Caribou: Erin is the constant shadow of Tarin and proud member of EMT. A follower, not a leader. Auntie Caribou is a loving, hummus-eating caribou. “Aunty” to Ella.
  • Papa Bruce: An ex-Squirrel Scout, he will stop at nothing to keep his family and herd safe.
  • Maren: Quietest member of EMT. She questions her friends’ actions and looks to find a new place in the herd.

Payment will be by honorarium.

Please submit to with your headshot and resume by end of day on Monday, April 5th. Auditions will be held virtually on Sunday April 11th and Monday April 12th. Please indicate with your submission if you are unavailable at any time during this period.


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