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Auditions(Central Alberta): HAIR: the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical-BrownCow Collective

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Auditions(Central Alberta): HAIR: the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical-BrownCow Collective

Hair-The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical. Books & Lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rano. Music by Gait Macdermot

Poster Art by Kate Hengstler – Instagram Handle: @explicitly.myself

STAGE 1 VIDEO SUBMISSION ACCEPTANCE: Monday, March 1st – Saturday, March 13th 2021
STAGE 2 VIDEO SUBMISSION ACCEPTANCE: Tuesday, March 16th – Friday, March 19th 2021
*Both Submissions Close at 8pm MST*

SUBMISSION E-MAIL: (Ryan Maschke- Production Manager)

*PLEASE NOTE* “STAGE 2” will be treated like Callback’s and will include a Dance Combo to submit.

Sabrina Naz Comănescu (DIRECTOR), Tenaj Williams (ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR), Misha

Ethno-Cultural Mandate:
BrownCow Collective is committed to fostering an environment of equality and diversity, and factors this into every casting decision we make. We encourage submissions from artists of all genders, orientations, ethnicities, abilities and identities.

Applying artists should be aware that the company does not tolerate any form of harassment and/or discrimination of its creative team, performers, or volunteers involved in the productions and take the fostering of a healthy and safe environment to explore expression and create very seriously.

About the Production:
The American tribal love rock musical Hair celebrates the sixties counterculture in all its barefoot, long-haired, bell-bottomed, beaded and fringed glory. To an infectiously energetic rock beat, the show wows with songs like “Aquarius,” “Good Morning, Star Shine,” “Hair,” “I Got Life,” and “Let The Sun Shine.” Exploring ideas of identity, community, global responsibility and peace, Hair remains relevant as ever as it examines what it means to be a young person in a changing world.

Following the mandate of BrownCow Collective and the given nature of the show, our goal is to bring a fresh and immersive experience to the community and use this production as a vehicle for emerging artists to be seen in new ways. Our goal is to show diversity in both abilities and the artists themselves. Performers not only with a strong understanding of musicality and movement, but those who have a grounded self understanding and openness are an asset as the rehearsal process will consist of both creating and discovering the reality of these characters and making them human. As this is a collective project, we want to hear the voices of as many artists as we can and encourage performers of ANY musical expression too apply.

Given our current restrictions with the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be working closely with Alberta Health Services to maintain a safe environment for our production. Our production of HAIR will be performed live, outside on DM Maschke Farms in Olds, AB. Due to the remote location and the guidelines laid out by AHS, our engaged artists will be required to form a cohort and will be provided housing on the farm for the mandatory dates.

*All current dates are subject to change.*

CAST/CREW ‘MEET&GREET’ (via ZOOM): March 25th 2021 @ 4pm
MUSIC REHEARSALS (via ZOOM): March 26th – April 25th 2021
VOCAL RECORDING (in person, with restrictions): April 26th – 30th 2021

*Exact dates for Music Rehearsals & Recording Sessions will be determine based off of Artist
availability but they will be within these timelines*

ZOOM REHEARSALS: Meetings will run 3 times a week from May 4th – June 17th 2021 (Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday).
IN PERSON REHEARSALS (location is TBA): June 22nd – 24th 2021

*All in person rehearsals will be required to follow the latest updated guidelines laid out by
AHS in regards to Covid-19*

TECH WEEK: June 29th – July 2nd 2021 with an invited Dress Rehearsal on the 2nd
PERFORMANCES, 10 confirmed shows(+4 TBA): July 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th 2021 (Wednesday(TBA), Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

*Potentially two shows on Fridays, matinees are TBA*.
*We will be required to move into a cohort and stay on the production property for the
duration of the above dates*

PLEASE NOTE: ENTIRE CAST Will not be required for all rehearsals, contract offers will contain a more solidified rehearsal/performance schedule and times but all cast MUST BE AVAILABLE for all the in person, tech & performance dates including the dates that are labelled “TBA”. Artist Engagement: All Artists in BrownCow Collective’s production of HAIR will be engaged in a ‘Profit-share’ structured contract, meaning all proceeds made by the production will be EQUALLY distributed to every member of the Cast and Crew AFTER all production costs are covered.


To Submit:
Please submit a digital headshot and resume to
[BrownCowCollective AT gmail DOT com] with the subject line “Your Name+HAIR+(Stage 1)
along with the following material:

Cover Letter:
State who you are as a performer, your preferred pronouns and why you became an artist. At this time, please make us aware of any special skills you are comfortable highlighting (instruments, tricks, etc.) all in the body of your email.

To Prepare:
-1 Comedic Monologue (Classic or Contemporary) 3-5 min in length
-1 Serious Monologue (Contemporary) 3-5 min in length

*Director’s Note* “Some keywords that come to mind for the comedic monologue is boisterous,
adventurous and audaciously bold. For the more serious/contemporary monologue I think of
intimate, somber, introverted and subdued.”

-A 1 min cut of a song in the style of 60s Rock/Blues
-A 1 min cut of a song that best shows your voice (any vocal style)

*MD’s Note* Given the nature of our production we would like to see your skills and storytelling
as both a vocalist AND a musician. If applicable, please feel free to either accompany yourself or
send additional excerpts of yourself playing your instrument(s).

STAGE 2 AUDITIONS (Callbacks & Dance Call)

To Submit: successful candidates from the 1st Stage, will be sent the respective Character Slides
that the team wishes to see artists for along with an instructional video(via YouTube Link) of the
dance combo to learn. All Callback & Dance Call material should be submitted to [BrownCowCollective AT gmail DOT com] with the subject line
Your Name+HAIR+(Stage 2)”.

*PLEASE NOTE* All video submissions MUST be uploaded to YouTube and made UNLISTED. Title
each video with ”YourName” followed by the respective “Material” (ie. “RyanMaschke-
DanceCall”, “RyanMaschke-ComedicMonologue”, ”RyanMaschke-SongName” ect.)
Contact Ryan Maschke at [BrownCowCollective AT gmail DOT
com] for any further information or questions on video submissions.


Claude (Rock Baritone/Tenor)
Smart, attractive, male identifying, with a playful side; a lover of life and the ideal 1960’s
boy next door. Berger’s best friend and lover along with Sheila. Recently drafted and his
only valuable possession, other than his freedom, is his hair. A charismatic leader that
women adore, boys emulate and men will follow into the breach. He struggles with the
conflict of what his heart tells him is right and what the authorities around him lead him
to believe.

Berger (Tenor)
A social activist recently banished from high school. An unrestrained animal and
passionate hot head. He knows what is right and sticks to it no matter the consequence.
The leader of the tribe. High energy, athletic, wild. Strong presence and, though he may
be a young man, he is looked up to. He is in a polyamorous relationship with both
Claude and Sheila.

Sheila (Rock Alto/Mezzo Belter)
A second semester student and passionate protester from NYU who lives with Berger
and Claude, aspires to spread love. She loves Berger but is in a polyamorous relationship
with him and Claude. The most intelligent of the tribe. Wants to change society through
peaceful protest. Not necessarily perfect on the outside, but must have a strong voice
and presence.

Jeanie (Alto)
A follower, not a leader. Incredibly sweet, understands Claude better than anyone.
Wise, passionate, creative woman, who is pregnant with the tribe’s baby. She has taken
every drug, and takes care of the tribe. Strong actress to play comedic and dramatic

Crissy (Mezzo Soprano)
A flower child mourning a lost love – The youngest female of the tribe. Meek and naive.

Dionne (Alto/Mezzo Belt, Black Artist)
Excitable and lots of fun. Great with comedy and ad-lib vocals. A vehicle for the
furthering of the plot with her featured moments.

Hud (Soul/Rock Baritone/Tenor, Black Artist)
Speaks his mind and hopes you can keep up with him. High energy, spiritual performer
with a strong voice and presence. A true tone setter that is a natural on stage in any

Woof ( Rock Baritone/Tenor)
May not want to admit it but he is gay. A young animal. High energy, versatile
performer. Must be a natural with comedy. Looks up to Berger and Mick Jagger… in
many ways.

Margaret Mead (Tenor, Drag Role)
An eccentric and comedic character. Though they appear from an older generation, they are
open minded and excepting. Artist is male identifying but female appearing so
comfort/experience with Drag is an asset but not a requirement.

TRIBE(7): This is not a “chorus”, as the entire cast is a true ensemble including. Tribe members
sing many featured songs including “Aquarius”, “Black Boys”, “White Boys”, “Walking in Space”,
“Electric Blues”, etc., and play many roles in the show including the parents, soldiers, historical
figures, and more. Energetic, creative performers with heart and passion.


Theatre Alberta does not necessarily endorse the organizations and/or individuals submitting Classified listings on our site. It is the responsibility of each patron using the Theatre Alberta Classifieds to research the integrity of the organizations who submit listings to which they are applying/responding and to verify specific information, especially pertaining to the job/audition listings and youth listings.

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