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What’s Online (Alberta): Letters To No One – Dammitammy Productions

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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What’s Online (Alberta): Letters To No One – Dammitammy Productions

Headshots of the cast of Letters to No One

Letters To No One is an online show where Actors read real letters written by anonymous members of the cast.

Available for purchase Feb 26 at 7 PM MST

Woven from real letters to real people, people who wounded us or people we never had the chance to say sorry, or goodbye to, or who we hurt, or who we have mixed feelings about. The actors don’t see the letter they’ll read till the moment they open the envelope, with the camera rolling. It’s unfiltered, unprepared, responses from people. We get the real raw reaction. Envelope please! -Liz Nicholls

Contains explicit language and sexual themes. Not recommended for younger audiences.

Featuring: Bret Jacobs, Brianne Jang, Calla Wright, Carol Chu, Chariz Faulmino, Samantha O’Connor, Kristina Hunszinger and Rebecca Merkley.

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