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What’s On (Rosebud): Girl and the Robot – H2/4H Productions

What’s On (Rosebud): Girl and the Robot – H2/4H Productions

H2/4H Productions is a performance company, created by Kalena Lewandowski, that explores the connection between the human on stage and the humans in the seats, or in this case, through the screen.

Girl and The Robot is a new woman play, written and produced by Kalena Lewandowski, a fourth year student at Rosebud School of the Arts, that follows the story of a girl who unknowingly uncovers a truth about herself as she steps on stage to share a little of her own mind.

The show will run February 12th-14th, in Rosebud Alberta, at the Akokiniskway Gallery, and will be available online shortly after that, from February 21st-28th.

If you are interested in buying a ticket or giving a donation please feel free to email We accept E-transfers to the email above.

In person Tickets:
Student: $10
Regular: $12
(Unfortunately, these are only available for the Rosebud Cohort at this time because of COVID-19 restrictions)

Online Tickets: $10

Show Album: $12

Bundle Deal: $20
This includes at ticket as well as the show album.

For any other questions, feel free to contact Kalena Lewandowski on Facebook at H2/4H Productions, or email us at

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