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What’s Online (Edmonton): City of Glass – Mile Zero Dance

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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What’s Online (Edmonton): City of Glass – Mile Zero Dance

Online streaming performance:

March 12 at 7 PM MST
March 13 at 2 PM MST

Mile Zero Dance presents a work by Julianne Chapple entitled City of Glass – a solo exploration of text, movement, sound and objects. Drawing inspiration from the West Coast ‘wellness’ movement, this project investigates the isolation and dissociation of contemporary commodification of the body, using the climate-controlled skyscraper (colloquially known as glass coffins) as a symbol of both containment and display. Tracing connections between the incorruptible bodies of Catholic saints, to the fitness models trending on social media, the commodification of the human form is dissected. The value placed on beauty, youth and stasis, collapses time. Person becomes object, becomes image; disintegrating into pixels that maintain their perfect clarity forever.

Tickets are ‘pay what you can’ with a suggested price of $15 to support programming. Those unable to purchase a ticket at this time are welcome to a free ticket.

Register for the event below;

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