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News (Alberta): Alberta Government Introduces the Stablize Program

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News (Alberta): Alberta Government Introduces the Stablize Program

Alberta’s government is investing $17 million to ensure the stabilization of performing arts, sports and rodeo organizations.

Alberta’s live experience organizations have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. They have lost a full season of programming and revenue but still have ongoing overhead costs. The Stabilize Program will provide one-time grant funding to support live experience presenting and performing arts, sport and rodeo organizations. The funding will help these organizations continue to operate and reopen when it is safe to do so.

This funding is critical to supporting venues and events that build and sustain vibrant communities and our cultural heritage and our mental well-being. Reinvigorating our live experience sector will also bring back jobs and foster tourism to support our economic recovery. When arts, culture, sport and heritage thrive, Alberta thrives.” ~ Leela Sharon Aheer, Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women

The live music and experience sector is a critical part of the culture, well-being and economy of Albertans. Ensuring the sustainability of this sector is vital to accelerating the recovery of our province after the pandemic is over.” ~ Andrew Mosker, president and CEO, National Music Centre

We are thrilled to see Alberta’s government continuing to support non-profits in Alberta that have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This program will allow organizations like the EE Football Team to continue supporting our city and our province by providing both high-quality entertainment and community programming.” ~ Chris Presson, president and CEO, Edmonton Football Team

Live events and the performing arts are not only key to quality of life in a community, they are also an important part of the economic engine. They employ thousands of Albertans in a variety of capacities, and they are part of attracting and retaining talent and driving tourism.” ~ Chantelle Ghosh, executive director, Citadel Theatre

Non-profits that host rodeos, professional and elite amateur sports organizations, and non-profits that own and/or operate dedicated presenting and performing arts venues can apply for operational funding through the Stabilize Program to offset financial losses. Qualifying organizations will be eligible for a one-time grant of up to 25 per cent of eligible expenses based on 2018 and 2019 financials. Organizations may use funds for ongoing operational costs, such as utilities, rent, insurance and programming, to support their reopening. The Stabilize Program allocates $12 million, and applications will be accepted until midnight Feb.18.

The Stabilize Donation Matching stream will allocate $5 million to match private donations (from a minimum $250,000 to a maximum $1 million) dollar-for-dollar to eligible non-profit organizations that host rodeos and professional and elite amateur sports. Non-profit organizations that own and/or operate dedicated presenting and performing arts venues or live experience venues are also eligible.

Quick facts

  • In 2018, Alberta’s live experience sector contributed $662.7 million to GDP and supported 14,580 jobs in Alberta.
  • Between 2014 and 2018, the live experience sector grew by 17 per cent.
  • Live experience events generate economic activity through out-of-town tourism, at an average of $10 million in economic impact for larger events.
  • According to Statistics Canada, every $1 million in output from live performance businesses generates about 17 direct and indirect jobs in the province


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