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What’s Online (National): until the next breath – Catalyst Theatre

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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What’s Online (National): until the next breath – Catalyst Theatre

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until the next breath
a Catalyst Theatre Production
Presented by
National Arts Centre English Theatre’s
Grand Acts of Theatre

it begins and ends our lives,
and in-between, it sustains us,
as we reach out to connect –
to touch, and be touched, by others.

but what happens in the face of a virus that isolates us,
deprives us of touch,
and threatens to steal our breath away?

in this pause between inhalation and exhalation –
afloat between what was and what will be –
how do we take our next breath?
how do we live?
how do we thrive?

50 performers join Catalyst Theatre on a musical journey that invites audience members to breathe through fear and uncertainty and dance into the beautiful unknown.



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