Call for Submissions (Alberta): Writers and Musicians – Typecast Anonymous Productions

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Typecast Anonymous Productions is looking for writers and musicians/bands to work on their upcoming theatrical productions. We are accepting applications from all across Alberta for emerging and established artists who want to see their work on stage. Writers that participate will be matched with musicians to create original works that will be showcased in the Fringe Festivals, one act festivals or runs at theatres across Alberta.

All artists will receive compensation for their work (on per show basis) and will be promoted during the show’s run to build their portfolio and experience.

For writers: Please email [email protected] with an artists resume and a sample of work no longer than 10 pages.

For musicians: Please email [email protected] with an artists resume and three original songs, no longer than four minutes each.

There is no deadline for this application as theatre production is always ongoing. There is also no experience required; if you have talent, we want to showcase it!