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What’s Online (Alberta): Nutty C and the Perfect Tree – SideNote Theatre

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What’s Online (Alberta): Nutty C and the Perfect Tree – SideNote Theatre


Nutty C and the Perfect Tree – poster by Jeff Eisen

SideNote Theatre‘s first virtual production in our inaugural season opens to the public for pay-per-view streaming on November 24, 2020!

This animated movie musical is about some enthusiastically misguided tree ornaments desperately trying to achieve the perfect Christmas… but a less-than-perfect Mouse, with a less-than-perfect problem, keeps making their Tree less-than-perfect.

Written by Calgarian playwright Charlotte Nixon, composer Stefanie Barnfather, and animated by Jeff Eisen, Nutty C and the Perfect Tree runs November 24-December 31, 2020, delivered by SideNote Theatre’s very own streaming service:

Visit our website and stream this family-friendly holiday movie directly to your homes this winter season. With an entirely Albertan cast and team, this new work was created and brought to life safely during these extraordinary times so our audiences can always experience a little holiday joy, no matter what.

Holiday Family Movie Musical Comedy (G)

60 minutes; 48 hours before streaming link expires


Christmas, Inclusivity, Healthy Communication, Healing from Trauma


Led by their charismatic Nutcracker leader, Nutty C, a group of beautifully perfect ornaments are preparing for their annual Tree Lighting tradition on Christmas Eve. While trying to make the Tree perfect, as they do every year, an old friend from their past returns; A Christmas Mouse ornament whose face was stained by the Master spilling coffee on him several Christmas’ ago. Having since moved to the back of the Tree because his now spoiled visage no longer matches the perfect Tree decor the others strive to achieve, Coffee Stain Mouse, or “CS”, returns to the front to make amends and find a new place with his old friends.

Through a series of miscommunications, an overly enthusiastic Drag Queen Pickle ornament who is the shiny new decoration ‘on the branch’, and a magic Grandfather Clock that continually tolls the coming of Christmas, the ornaments reconnect and ultimately learn that it’s more important to find ways for everyone to belong then to just “keep the peace”, and that admitting to being imperfect is scary, but learning that everyone else is imperfect in their own way is the most beautiful gift of all.

Sounds good but need more?

Pre-order our Virtual Bar Service, open to the public November 2, 2020!
In partnering with local businesses, Britannia Wine Merchants and Macarons by Megan, we are able to offer you perfectly paired wine and macarons that bring the flavours and visual artistry of the story to your tastebuds! Order on our website and receive pick up and payment info for these limited and SideNote-exclusive luxury delectables.

What’s the best gift of all? Donating to the YWCA!

SideNote supports YWCalgary and the work they do for the community. When you go to stream, you have the option to donate to this wonderful charity to share a little extra support to those in need this season.

Join us for our first production and support local artists and designers! Ticket revenue goes directly back to our artists and the company so we can bring you stories of significance all year!

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