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Audition (Edmonton): University of Alberta’s 2021 Bleviss Laboratory Theatre Season

Audition (Edmonton): University of Alberta’s 2021 Bleviss Laboratory Theatre Season

We are currently casting for four shows: Phaedra’s Love, Maj. Barbara: After Shaw, The Flick and Nocturama. Each show is directed by a different MFA Directing Candidate. Rehearsals and performances take place between January 2021 – May 2021. Please see below for pertinent show details including dates, brief character descriptions, and director bios.

Submit your headshot, resume, and self tape (as a vimeo, youtube, or google drive link) to Your self tape can include a brief introduction along with a contemporary monologue (max 3 mins). Please film this as a medium shot (waist up). By submitting, you will automatically be considered for all four shows. Please state in your email if you are only looking to be considered for a specific show/period of time.

We are accepting submissions from union and non-union performers. Please note union performers must be University of Alberta alumni. We encourage submissions from artists of all shapes, cultures, gender identities, and physical abilities.

All rehearsals and performances will abide by university and provincial COVID guidelines and protocols. Please note: this is a non-paid opportunity.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the audition/production/process, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Deadline: November 9th 2020

Show details and descriptions:

Phaedra’s Love by Sarah Kane
Directed by Amanda Goldberg
First Rehearsal: January 4th 2021
Performances: February 11th – 13th 2021


Sarah Kane’s Phaedra’s Love is a modern-day retelling of Euripides’ Hippolytus and Seneca’s Phaedra. The Greek myth tells the legend of Phaedra, a woman cursed by Aphrodite to fall in love with her stepson, Hippolytus. Against her own judgement and her daughter’s cautions, Phaedra declares her fatal passion for Hippolytus. The depressed and promiscuous Hippolytus is indifferent about Phaedra’s love, driving her to her own demise. Shaken not only by Phaedra’s death, but more so the suicide note she left accusing Hippolytus of rape, Theseus and Strophe are led to confront Hippolytus in a tragic and bloody end.

  • Hippolytus: (18-25) A spoiled, charming, heartbroken, and disgusting prince.
  • Phaedra: (35-55) A lonely queen desperate for validation. She loses herself in her obsessive love and longing for her stepson.
  • Strophe: (18-25) An innocent girl willing to sacrifice herself for what she believes is right. Her willingness to please and constantly forgive those who have wronged her makes her the perfect target.
  • Theseus: (40-60) The archetypal king who acts without thought, destroying everything and everyone who stands in his way. (The actor playing Theseus will also play Doctor and Priest)
  • Chorus: Plays supporting characters as well as acts as a narrator. The Chorus lives between the world of the play and the audience’s reality.

Note: All these actors are involved in complex intimacy and fight choreography. Scenes contain verbal abuse, rape, oral sex, masturbation and death.

Director’s bio: Amanda Goldberg is an honors graduate from Dawson College’s Professional Theatre program and Concordia University’s Theatre and Development program in Tio’tia:ke/Montreal. She is the co-founder and artistic director of We Are One, a feminist theatre company that aims to celebrate and empower womxn. In 2016, she was nominated for Outstanding Emerging Artist for her directing of Tanya Barfield’s Bright Half Life, at the METAs (Montreal English Theatre Awards). Goldberg’s selected directing credits include Yerma (Concordia University), City Boy (Mainline Theatre), and the three-time META nominated production, Smackhead (We Are One). Her latest assistant directing credits include: Theatre Surreal SoReal’s production of Madame Catherine prépare sa classe de troisième à l’irrémédiable, Imago Theatre’s production of Other People’s Children, the Segal Centre’s Indecent and Hudson Village Theatre’s Marion Bridge. In February, she staged Amy Herzog’s Belleville at the University of Alberta where she is currently working on completing her MFA in Directing.

Maj. Barbara: after Shaw
adapted and directed by Edmund Stapleton
First Rehearsal: Feb 8th, 2021
Performances: Mar 18th-20th, 2021

In this adaptation of Shaw’s Major Barbara we follow a company of actors as they rehearse Shaw’s play. When the play’s production sponsor is revealed to be a local oil baron the future of the production is thrown into jeopardy as cast members question the ethics of accepting such dirty money. Will they make it to opening night?

Roles to be cast:

  • ANNIE who plays Barbara (18-25)
  • GRANVILLE who plays Cusins (20-30)
  • HAZEL who plays Sarah (20-30)
  • HUGH who plays Stephen (20-30)
  • DAWSON who plays Charles (20-30)
  • ROSE who plays Lady Britomart (50-60)
  • LOUIS who plays Undershaft (50-60)
  • THE DIRECTOR (20-35)
  • THE PRODUCER (40-50)

Edmund Stapleton hails from Paradise, Newfoundland & Labrador. Selected credits include: Director, Smart (Talk is Free Theatre); Assistant Director, Lear (Groundling Theatre), The Snow Queen (Canadian Children’s Opera Company); Actor, All’s Well That Ends Well (Bard on the Beach), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (Citadel/MTC); The Wars, Chariots of Fire (Grand Theatre), Dedication (RCA), Romeo & Juliet (Shakespeare by the Bow); two seasons at the Shaw Festival. Edmund holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Alberta and a BA in English and Philosophy from Memorial University in St. John’s.

The Flick by Annie Baker
Directed by Jake Planinc
First Rehearsal: March 15th, 2021
Performances: April 22nd-24th, 2021

In a run down movie theatre in central Massachusetts, three underpaid employees mop the floors and attend to one of the last 35-millimetre film projectors in the state. Their tiny battles and not-so-tiny heartbreaks play out in the empty aisles, becoming more gripping than the lacklustre, second-run movies on screen. With keen insight and a finely tuned ear for comedy, The Flick is a hilarious and heart-rending cry for authenticity in a fast-changing world.


  • Sam, thirty-five
    Caucasian. Shaved head.
    He often wears a beat up Red Sox cap.
    He used to be very into Heavy Metal.
  • Avery, twenty
    African-American. Bespectacled.
    He wears red slightly European-looking sneakers.
    In love with the movies.
  • Rose, twenty-four
    Caucasian. Sexually magnetic, despite the fact (or partly because?) her clothes are baggy, she never wears makeup and her hair is dyed forest-green.
  • Skylar/The Dreaming Man, twenty-six

Director’s Bio

Jake Planinc is the founding Artistic Director of Matchstick Theatre, Assistant Festival Director for the Mayworks K’jipuktuk/Halifax Festival of Working People and the Arts, and a graduate of Mount Allison University, originally from St. Catharines, Ontario. Selected directing credits include: Daniel MacIvor’s In On It, Catherine Banks’ Bitter Rose and Bone Cage, Don Hannah’s The Woodcutter, John Mighton’s The Little Years, Michael Melski’s Joyride, and Henricus Gielis’ King of the Goats (Matchstick Theatre – Halifax); David Mamet’s Oleanna (Matchstick Theatre – Toronto); Yasmina Reza’s ‘Art’ and David French’s Salt-Water Moon (Sackville Student Theatre); Justin Smidt’s Baby Love, Anton Chekhov’s The Bear and The Proposal, and Aeschylus’ The Libation Bearers (Motyer-Fancy Theatre). Jake has also worked as an assistant director, production manager, festival coordinator, and workshop assistant.

Nocturama by Annie Baker
Directed by David Woroner
First Rehearsal: April 19th, 2021
Performances: May 27th-29th, 2021

In the town of Shirley Vermont Skaggs, a young man suffering from a nervous breakdown, comes to stay at the home of his mother Judy and her new partner Gary. The family navigates the strange tensions that boil beneath the surface of their lives and manifest themselves in the relationships they share. When Skaggs meets Amanda, the local tour guide of the historical-house of a 19th century poet, their lives become entangled and Amanda is invited into the sphere of this strained family, upon which she piles some of her own struggles and desires. Nocturama is an honest portrayal of how depression and dependence shape relationships and the power that is found in the small moments of connection we encounter throughout our lives.


Skaggs – Caucasian – “disheveled, twenty-six”
Amanda – Black – “bespectacled, twenty-seven”
Judy – Caucasian – “a small woman, fifty-eight”
Gary – Caucasian – “a large man, sixty”

Directors Bio

David Woroner is a director and actor who works in both theatre and film. David’s most recent work includes directing and acting in An Orchid and Other Such Lilies and Lies (BodyCube Art’s Collective) at Toronto Fringe and the Atlantic Fringe Festival, Women’s Issues (Dir. Katie Clarke) at Atlantic Fringe, After This (Art Apart Project NTS, Dir. Katie Clarke). His other recent directing credits include, Everyman and Sophocles’ Antigone (The King’s Theatrical Society), as well as many other credits as both an actor and director with The King’s Theatrical Society and other independent companies, such as DMV Theatre and Bad Ideas Theatre Collective. David has also acted in several films, most recently The Lockpicker (Dir. Randall Okita) which premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 2016. David recently graduated with a joint degree from The University of King’s College and Dalhousie University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies with honours, and a minor in the Early Modern Studies Program. He is currently working towards an MFA in Directing at the University of Alberta.


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