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What’s On (Rosebud): Bluebirds by Vern Thiessen – another HAM production

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What’s On (Rosebud): Bluebirds by Vern Thiessen – another HAM production

Image of water splashing on white background. Text Bluebirds by Vern Thiessen - November 13-15, 2020

tickets $15 available by emailing

Live theatre returns with Vern Thiessen’s
Presented by another HAM production

Rosebud School of the Arts acting student Amy Pohl is producing and starring in Bluebirds by Vern Thiessen, November 14 and 15th at the BMO Studio Stage in Rosebud. Performance times are 1pm and 6pm on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday. Tickets are $15 with a student rate of $10 and can be purchased by emailing

Alberta playwright Vern Thiessen transports us to 1918 during the Great War. In a time of crisis three Canadians choose to leave behind their friends, family, and country to serve as nurses at the front lines in Étaples, France. Katherine Maud Macdonald hopes for the war to end so she can go home. Margaret Lowe hopes that surviving the war can be the first step in making a name for herself in nursing. Gladys Maud Mary Wake hopes to sail the world and make her family proud. War has brought these women together, but will it also tear them apart?

I was drawn to this story because these women chose to help others above all else, they put their lives on the line to help both ally and enemy. I think this is a trait that we need during this time of crisis that we face with the COVID pandemic.” Says producer Amy Pohl. “I want audiences to come away feeling that they are able to persevere through these challenging times.”

This performance will be live and as such the following COVID protocols have been set for the audience safety and enjoyment:

  • All audience members must come in mask. The run time is under an hour.
  • Sanitizer will be provided.
  • Seating is assigned and socially distanced.
  • Front of house will be in mask.
  • Actors are part of a performing arts cohort.

Bluebirds stars Amelia Daniels as Christy, Heidi Susanne MacDonald as Maggie, and Glenda Graham as Babs. Directed by Jeany Van Meltebecke, Set and Costume Design Katherina Joy, Sound Design Melissa Dorsey, Lighting Design Becky Halterman, Stage Manager Kalena Lewandowski. Bluebirds runs November 14th and 15th at 1pm on Saturday and Sunday, 6pm on Saturday. Follow us on Facebook @anotherHAMproduction or email for tickets.

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