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What’s Online (Edmonton): Curio Shoppe – Catch the Keys Productions

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What’s Online (Edmonton): Curio Shoppe – Catch the Keys Productions

From the creators of Dead Centre of Town, Catch the Keys Productions presents Curio Shoppe, an interactive nightmare inspired by true history and experienced online and from the discomfort of your own home.
Welcome to the Curio Shoppe. Purveyors of the odd and unwanted. Take what you need, leave behind what you don’t, but remember: everything comes with a price. Choose an object, unlock a story, haunt your own house in this online, interactive experience. On from October 21-31.


To take part in this experience, you will need:

  • A reliable internet connection and digital device (we strongly recommend a laptop or desktop over a phone or iPad);
  • An active cell phone number* you will have access to on the night of the event that receives phone calls and text messages;
  • A willing sense of adventure and suspended disbelief; and
  • A valid mailing address* you will have access to in the days following the event.
*contact information provided will be used by Fort Edmonton Park and Catch the Keys Productions for the purposes of this performance only.
WARNING: if you’re uneased by the unknown, petrified by the paranormal, or easily convinced the call is coming from within your own home, perhaps this thrilling romp isn’t for you…. This experience is intended for audiences 14 years of age or older.

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