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What’s On (Beaumont): I, Claudia – RuminariLive Arts

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What’s On (Beaumont): I, Claudia – RuminariLive Arts

Image of person in a comic mask.

Life is so true, it’s hi-larious!

I, Claudia by Kristen Thomson

Friday, October 16 @ 8 PM
Saturday, October 17 @ 2 PM and 8 PM
Sunday, October 18 @ 2 PM

I, Claudia is an absolute truthful characterization of a schoolgirl trying to cope with puberty, her parents’ separation, and her father’s impending remarriage. Through awkward gestures, speech rhythms, and new vocabulary, the conflict of wanting the comfort and protection as a child with the desire to rebel against the hypocrisy of adults, Claudia is a child uncomfortable with becoming a woman, a pre-teen who outfaces adults but inwardly is riddled with self-doubt. This one-woman show changes costumes and dons half-masks magically before your eyes, calling forth memories in us of that awkward time of life we thought was forgotten. 

With a butterfly, fish in a bowl, and a rainbow, Claudia uses these and more to express her situation. They are new to her and she makes them new to us too. Even though she would like things to stay the same, time and circumstances are forcing her to leave behind the life she knows. We have more faith than she does that she has enough spirit and good humor to cope with the changes. You will never have felt so protective of a character on stage as you will of this plucky little girl facing so much disillusionment. 

If Claudia were the only character on the stage, it would be amazing. But there are three more fully realized characters that make it a not-to-miss performance.

Ruminarilive Arts
780 737 3003

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