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Survey (Canada): Rosa Survey – The Change You Want To See

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Survey (Canada): Rosa Survey – The Change You Want To See

Image of young woman playing a ukelele on a stage. Text: The change you want to see. A national, anonymous survey on workplace sexual harassment in the Canadian performing arts, film, and television industries.

We are Rosa. Our goal is to create workplaces where all workers can go to work and not get sexually harassed. That’s it. This historic survey is asking you what kind of changes you want to see in your workplace and what kind of barriers around reporting and accessing legal systems you’ve experienced. We’re asking these questions, because you, the worker, have lived through this. Your voice needs to be heard in order to direct the change you want to see in your workplace. 2020 has been rough. We, the arts workers, the contract workers are struggling to pay bills, stay healthy, and ensure that our human rights are protected regardless of skin colour. We have a long way to go.
What we know is that we can’t give up. When we do go back to work, we can’t go back to where we were. That’s why it’s important that you fill out this survey. Your voice and your stories matter.
We ask that you share this survey with your co-workers in the arts. The more people that come to the table articulating the change you want to see, the more impact this survey can have. We want the results of this survey to lead the change. Our job at Rosa is to amplify the change you want to see and to work with employers and unions to see these changes through.
The survey is available in both official languages. We would like thousands of Canadian workers to participate. 

A bit of info:
  • The survey was co-designed and vetted by survivors, and uses survivor-centric language
  • The survey will take between 10 and 30 minutes to complete, depending on how many questions you choose to complete
  • The survey is anonymous. We took extensive efforts to safeguard privacy – see FAQs and privacy info here
  • Who can take it: all Canadian union and non-union contract workers in the performing arts, film, and television industries, including (but not limited to), performers, crew members, screenwriters, playwrights, choreographers, set / costume / production designers, cinematographers, directors, production and post-production workers, and arts administrators and managers. Also students training to work in these industries as long as they are 18 years of age or older
The survey will be open between September 21 and October 23


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