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Event (Online): Playwrights Canada Press Fall Book Launch

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Event (Online): Playwrights Canada Press Fall Book Launch

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Celebrating the publication of Sound of the Beast, Bears, Acha Bacha, Brontë: The World Without, and Amaryllis & Little Witch
Join Playwrights Canada Press in celebrating the launch of five new plays with a virtual group reading from the authors and special guests!!
Starts promptly at 8pm EDT, 6pm MDT.


Amaryllis & Little Witch by Pascal Brullemans, translated by Alexis Diamond
Acha Bacha by Bilal Baig
Brontë: The World Without by Jordi Mand
Bears by Matthew MacKenzie
Sound of the Beast by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
Want to purchase the books before the event? All print and ebooks are currently 25% off on the PCP website!
In these dark fairy tales for young readers, two girls face danger while grieving loved ones, learning some hard truths about growing up along the way.
A young queer Muslim man struggles to navigate his tumultuous relationships with his genderqueer lover and manipulative mother as traumatic memories from his past begin to resurface.
The literary careers of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë unfold in this striking historical drama, which collects the moments filled of passion and self-expression to show what it was like to be an ambitious woman in the 1800s.
Floyd, the prime suspect in a workplace accident, follows the route of the Trans Mountain Pipeline as he is pursued by the RCMP. But by the time he reaches the Pacific, Floyd has experienced some significant physical changes…
Through spoken word, storytelling, and hip hop, acclaimed wordsmith Donna-Michelle St. Bernard challenges racial discrimination, the suppression of expression, and the trials of activism. By weaving her personal experiences in Canada around a reflection on the Tunisian emcee Weld El 15’s unjust imprisonment for insulting cops and a politician in a song, she creates a space to reflect on how we are part of the systems that oppress us, and on how to be a part of a solution.
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