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What’s Online (Alberta): The Essentials – Field Work

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What’s Online (Alberta): The Essentials – Field Work

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The Essentials
September 19th @ 7:00pm
Live-Streamed on

A philosophy student travels half way around the world to work the kill floor at an Alberta meat packing plant.

A loving son brings his dad to Canada for a visit, then brings the coronavirus home from the plant.

An activist fights to make sure none of this goes unnoticed.

Stay tuned for these Essential stories and more.

Last spring news broke that the Cargill beef processing plant in High River was the centre of the largest COVID19 outbreak in North America at the time, with just shy of a thousand active cases and three associated deaths. Shortly after the JBS plant in Brooks was also rocked with hundreds of positive cases. This new documentary-performance reveals the human stories behind the fleeting headlines.

With verbatim text taken directly from interviews with plant workers and embodied by professional actors The Essentials offers audiences an intimate gateway into conversations about the livelihoods of marginalized workers now deemed essential, the deathly effects Covid19 has had on their communities, and the resilient hope they still hold for a better future.

The Essentials will be live-streamed for free and we will be collecting donations on behalf of Action Dignity to support their work with Essential Workers in Alberta.

Featuring Kiana Wu, Mike Tan, and Thomas Geddes
Written & Co-Directed by Col Cseke
Designed & Co-Directed by Thomas Geddes

The Essentials is free to watch, we’ll be collecting donations on behalf of a community group supporting essential workers.

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