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Resource (Alberta): Front Row Insurance Offers Tips For Protecting Your Data

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Resource (Alberta): Front Row Insurance Offers Tips For Protecting Your Data

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Cyberthreats are constantly evolving as criminals take advantage of online behaviour and trends. The COVID-19 outbreak is no exception. As many theatre companies increase their online activities and have employees working remotely, now, more than ever, it’s important to stay on guard against the risk of cyber attacks.


  • Develop a password strategy: Using the same password across many devices and accounts is the easiest way to compromise security. Once a hacker gets their hands on a password, they can use it to obtain employee information as well as customer data, turning a single password breach into millions in damage.
  • Avoid collecting or storing payment information: Outsource payment processing and avoid collecting customer payment information such as credit card info on your own. Dedicated security staff have the resources and tools to protect data better than you can.
  • Educate your employees: It may seem like common sense, but it’s not always. Develop a written policy about security & privacy and make sure employees are on board and understand their responsibility to protect confidential data. No business is “too small” for a hacker; the more prepared you are, the less at-risk you are.
  • Stay vigilant: If you’re an Artistic Director or MD, or other theatre company employee, chances are you do a lot of work on websites and/or computers that hold databases with patron information. If these websites and/or computers are hacked, that could result in business interruption or the need to notify patrons that their information has been stolen, or both. Make sure that you’re staying on top of your cyber security.
  • And, of course, purchase Cyber Liability Insurance: 90% of small businesses do not currently have cyber insurance. You need to know that your business will be protected against any security breaches.


Cyber liability insurance goes by many names these days: Cyber Insurance; Cyber Security, Cyber Risk, Hack Insurance and others. However, the intent of all of these policies remains the same: a cyber insurance policy is an insurance product used to protect your business from data breaches on your computer system(s), potentially exposing client information.
Cyber liability insurance for theatre companies is designed to protect them from certain losses associated with data breaches and hacks. After a breach, there are costs companies could incur, including (but not limited to):
  • notifying patrons that their information has been stolen (some provinces even have mandatory data breach reporting requirements) 
  • paying for PR/crisis communications to explain what happened
  • paying to restore or recover any stolen data/hacked accounts
  • paying to conduct an investigation to determine what happened
  • losing money from business interruption


Cyber liability insurance can help with expenses associated with managing a data breach, such as incident response, crisis communications, and data recovery expenses. Front Row’s cyber insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage with limit options up to $1,000,000.
90% of small businesses in Canada do not have cyber insurance: don’t be one of them. Take a few minutes to protect your theatre company and patrons!
Follow this link to get a no-obligation quote:

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Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc. is an independent insurance broker that provides cyber insurance for the lowest possible cost. Should a claim occur, Front Row ensures that clients receive the money they are owed per the policy, as quickly as possible. Front Row has offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.

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