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What’s On (Online): Lucy Darling @ Home

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What’s On (Online): Lucy Darling @ Home

Lucy Darling at home

After being quarantined together for five months, Edmonton theatre artist and dancer Richard Lee, Edmonton actor,  international variety artist Miranda Allen, and internationally respected award winning Calgary magician Carisa Hendrix have teamed up to create a high production value interactive virtual show via Zoom:

Lucy Darling @ Home!

Lucy Darling @Home is a well paced romp through magic, improv, dance, puzzles, and games. The show is hosted by lovable socialite Lucy Darling, along with her charming little helpers Marci and Lawrence. Together they build a playful world of comedy and magic that is reminiscent of your favorite screwball comedy.

Guests are encouraged to treat the experience as a night out on the town; an excuse to dress up and mix themselves a nice drink. They are also invited to interact with the show in numerous ways, including turning on their microphones to laugh along with others in the “virtual front row”, and “choose your own adventure” segments when the audience’s choices change the course of the show.

The vibe is Zsa Zsa Gabor / Mae West meets I Dream of Jeannie. Expect it to be a little bawdy, positively hilarious, and truly amazing. Here is what other industry professionals are saying:

Thoroughly entertaining. So well put together! I had a delightful time and the actors portraying Marci and Lawrence are superb” – Dan Harlan – Magician & Director at Penguin Magic

In this new world featuring a wide array of online entertainments, say yes to the dress, and join Lucy Darling @Home. You’ll be delighted.” – Max Maven – Celebrity TV Magician

Two more shows are available: Saturday August 15th and Saturday August 22nd. Both performances are at 7pm MST. The show currently runs about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Promo video

For tickets and more information:

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