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Audition (Edmonton): Alex and Michael and Hannah UPDATED AUDITIONS

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Audition (Edmonton): Alex and Michael and Hannah UPDATED AUDITIONS


*Due to current health concerns, we’re changing audition requirements. We hope the show will go onstage in August, and are making contingency plans otherwise. So if you DO wish to audition, you still can, and Alex and Michael and Hannah is happening somehow!*

Take a Bite Productions invites Edmonton and area actors to audition for the world premiere production of Alex and Michael and Hannah at the Edmonton Fringe Festival, August 13-23, 2020. PAID, through fundraising, donations, and ticket sales.

*Please email a resume and headshot, and what role you’d like to audition for, to Heather Morrow,

1) Please record your performance of a contemporary monologue no longer than 3 minutes.
2) Sides will be emailed to you.
3) a video conferencing audition time scheduled, 4 – 5 pm on April 6, 2020.*

*SUBJECT TO CHANGE.* Please note there will be partial nudity and strong language in this production; intimacy coordinator Janine Waddell will be working on the show. The cast must be willing and able to participate in workshopping of the script during rehearsals, as well as fundraising and publicity events *currently* scheduled for May 7, August 6, and in July (TBA).

We regret we can’t see Equity members.

Please see below for character descriptions.

ALEX: age range 30s, bisexual. Male identifying. Nightclub manager, charming, good-looking, almost despairingly honest. Any race/ ethnicity/ body shape.

HANNAH: age range late 30s to early 40s, heterosexual. Female identifying. Municipal-government financial analyst. What idiots would term ‘unattractive’. Low self-esteem but getting better. White/ Caucasian/ shorter or taller, and/or bigger than ‘average’.

MICHAEL: age range 20s to early 30s, homosexual. Male identifying. Model and server. Gratuitously handsome, cute, loud, irrepressible. Any race/ ethnicity/ slender, muscular.

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