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Workshop (Alberta): Learn About Management & Board Liability – Front Row Insurance

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Workshop (Alberta): Learn About Management & Board Liability – Front Row Insurance



A big area of concern for theatre boards are claims related to termination, harassment, or an intervention by a government agency like the CRA.

The costs incurred to defend against these types of allegations is significant and can create tremendous financial hardship to an organization if the proper insurance coverage is not in place.

Compounding the problem are reputational issues which can impact public and private funding as donors and government funders scrutinize the organizations with whom they are publicly associated.

For this reason, it’s imperative that a robust risk & insurance management strategy is part of an organization’s financial strategy for navigating a crisis.

A claim of wrongful dismissal, breach of contract, or fiduciary mismanagement can be stressful but navigating it with an experienced insurance company and broker can help you make decisions with confidence. The staff and volunteer board could be personally liable and certainly their ability to hold on, retain the confidence of their funders, and right the ship could be compromised. Instead, with proper foresight, institutions can embark on a new chapter with a grand new vision and their community will be all the better for it.

Front Row Insurance is offering a free webinar for Theatre Alberta members in which Steve Beatty, an experienced and effective communicator on insurance in the performing arts, will walk members through a game plan on what to look for when purchasing Management & Board Liability for your organization. He wants to make sure your questions are answered and give you a good heads-up on what problems can be overcome with the proper coverage, and what areas you should drill down on.


The webinar will take place at 11:00am MST on February 11, 2020. Register for the webinar here:

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