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Auditions (Calgary/Airdrie): Torchlight Theatre – The Rainmaker

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Auditions (Calgary/Airdrie): Torchlight Theatre – The Rainmaker


Torchlight Theatre is excited to announce auditions for our upcoming production of The Rainmaker by Richard Nash

Show runs: April 30th to May 9, 2020

Set in a drought-ridden Western town in Depression-era America, the play tells the story of a pivotal hot summer day in the life of spinsterish Lizzie Curry. She longs for love and her family will do anything to see her happy, but things don’t look good. As their farm languishes under the devastating drought, a charming salesman named Starbuck arrives and promises to bring rain in exchange for $100. His arrival sets off a series of events that are anything but ordinary.

Audition Requirements:
Please prepare one contemporary monologue that highlights your range and ability. Monologues should be no longer than 1 minute in length.

Follow the Link to book your audition:

Actors must be over 18 years of age to be eligible for an audition.

All auditions take place at the Polaris Centre for the Performing Arts (8, 261051 Wagon Wheel View, Rocky View No. 44, AB)

Rehearsals will take place in the evening and one day on the weekend.
*please be advised that all roles are on a volunteer basis at this time.

Available Roles:
H.C. CURRY – Head of the Curry Household, a father to three children, powerfully set, capable, a good man to take store in. But he’s not all prosaic efficiency — there’s a dream in him.

NOAH CURRY – H.C’s eldest son…He is somewhat like his father, without H.C.’s imagination. As a matter of fact, he has little imagination at all — a somewhat self-righteous man, rigidly opinionated.

JIM CURRY – Jim is the youngest in the family, in his early twenties, not the brightest of the family, he’s filled with longing and dreams.

LIZZIE CURRY – She is H.C’s only daughter. She seems a woman who can cope with all the aspects of her life. She has the world of materiality under control; she is a good housekeeper; pots and pans, needles and thread — when she touches them, they serve. She knows well where she fits in the family — she is daughter, sister, mother, child. A strong and integral woman in every life function — except one…no man outside the family has loved her or found her beautiful.

FILE – He is a lean man, reticent, intelligent… He smiles wryly at the world and at himself. Perhaps he is a little bitter; if so, his bitterness is leavened by a mischievous humor.

SHERIFF THOMAS – Sheriff of the town; seems fond of the people he works with and serves.

BILL STARBUCK – He’s a loud braggart, a gentle dreamer and a silver tongued talker.

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