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Audition (Calgary): Eleemosynary – Fire Exit Theatre

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Audition (Calgary): Eleemosynary – Fire Exit Theatre


Fire Exit Theatre is seeking actors for their February production of Eleemosynary; by Lee Blessing.
Directed by Val Lieske


The play examines the delicate relationship of three women: a grandmother, Dorothea, who has sought to exert her independence through strong willed eccentric behavior, Artie her daughter, who has run from her overpowering mother, and Echo, Artie’s daughter, who is incredibly smart and equally sensitive. After Dorothea (who has raised Echo into her teens) suffers a stroke, Echo is forced to reestablish contact with her mother through extended phone conversations, during which real issues are skirted and the talk is mostly about the precocious Echo’s unparalleled success in a national spelling bee. In the end, Artie and Echo come to accept their mutual need and summon the courage to build a life together, despite the terror this holds after so many years of estrangement.


Wednesday Nov. 6th 6:00-9:30PM


Sunday Nov. 10th 2:00-4:00PM


Mondays 6:00-9:30PM, Wednesdays 6:00-9:30PM, Saturdays 10:00-4:00PM
Tech rehearsals are February 2nd – 4th with performances running from February 4th – 9th (six shows) at the Engineered Air Theatre, Arts Commons, Calgary.


Please prepare a lighter/comedic monologue under 2 minutes. A side will also be provided.


Auditions will take place at Renfrew Baptist Church – 1204 Renfrew Dr. NE. Please schedule an audition time by emailing Val Lieske at
Identify which role you wish to audition for.

We will be auditioning for the following roles:

  • DORTHEA: A woman in her 50’s. Artie’s mother and Echo’s grandmother. A self-proclaimed and self-induced eccentric.
  • ARTIE: A woman in her 30’s. Echo’s mother. Remembers everything with total accuracy.
  • ECHO: A young woman in her teens. National Spelling Bee Champion. Fiercely competitive.

Fire Exit Theatre is a non-equity semi-professional theatre company. Actor honorariums are paid.

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