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Auditions (St. Albert): My Darling Judith – St. Albert Dinner Theatre

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Auditions (St. Albert): My Darling Judith – St. Albert Dinner Theatre


By Norm Foster
Directed by Christina Estillore


David, a middle aged and extremely successful man is in the throes of an affair with a younger, ambitious woman, Anna. He finds a way that he can frame his devoted wife, Judith for adultery so that he can divorce her. David sets his sights on Carl, a newly hired salesman with a low self esteem, to woo Judith. David is confident that has this con “in the bag”. The is the time old tale of a man who has everything and stands to lose it all.

CAST OF CHARACTERS: 4 (2 male/2 female)
David Stafford – 45 years old, business man having an affair with Anna Miles. DAVID is a challenging role in that you must be able to go from jealous rage to pandering and weak in the same sentence.

Judith Stafford – around 40 years old and is passionate for life. She is eccentric. She loves her husband, David, very much. JUDITH is a challenging role, as when she gets drunk, and she switches moods on a dime.

Carl Newhouse – 30 years old, works for David. He is eager to move up the corporate ladder. Carl is not what you would call a ladies’ man.

Anna Miles – around 35 years old, A sharp looking woman with a lot of ambition. She too loves David Stafford.

  • Age ranges for characters are approximate. All performers will be considered for who can play the age ranges shown.
  • This is a non-equity production.
  • This is an ensemble cast; all cast members are principal performers
  • There will be a huge focus on Character Development, and improv games at every single rehearsal.
  • Carl and Judith do kiss, and they are romantic kisses – if you are auditioning for these roles, please make sure you are agreeable to the kissing.
  • Carl and Judith will have a small dance.
  • Anna and David take off their shirts in the opening of the play. – if you are auditioning for these roles, please make sure you are agreeable to be seen in a full coverage bra or shirtless.
  • Judith is doused in water at the end of the play, if you are auditioning for this role; please make sure that you are agreeable to being wet.

Performance Dates: Three week run, Thu-Fri-Sat, starting January 30, 2020
Rehearsal Dates: (tentative) three nights weekly, Mon-Tue-Thu starting in November 2019
Please outline any potential conflicts to the production team or director in writing prior to audition dates.

To register for an audition, please send an email to, CC:

Auditions will be held October 7 2019, 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Audition location: St. Albert United Church, 20 Green Grove Dr, St. Albert, AB. Performance venue: The Kinsmen Club of St. Albert, 47 Riel Dr, St. Albert, AB T8N 3Z2. Actors will be notified of casting decisions as soon as possible. Scripts will be provided once a role has been accepted.

Please provide an acting CV and a 1 minute monologue. Head shots are recommended but not required. Neither the St. Albert Dinner Theatre nor the directors will retain any photos or resumes beyond the audition period, nor will your photo or resume be used without your express permission. Cold reads will also be available.

St. Albert Dinner Theatre is a 100% volunteer run community theatre company located in St. Albert, AB. We strive to provide opportunities for all performers and volunteers of all ages to build skills and relationships, enhance their theatrical experience on stage and off, and entertain and serve the community.


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