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Audition (Calgary): Short Film – Hunger

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Audition (Calgary): Short Film – Hunger



Looking for talent who can join our team to bring our short film to life!

We are looking for TWO lead actors.

Production Title: Hunger
Logline: A world champion coach refuses to train a talented young boxer, forcing the athlete to reconsider his life and take matters into his own hands.
Length: Approx.10 minutes
Time Commitment: 3-4 days
Location: Calgary
Tentative shooting dates: Approximate February shoot (4 days)
Director: Jaimie Stewart
Producers: Jaimie Stewart, Christopher Baradoy, Majid Koudmani


(The Coach) Male late 50s. Physically capable.
A past his prime boxing coach at a humble boxing studio, unimpressed with the students he coaches, seeks a student with the drive for greatness.

The Coach is an inspiration, although a tired one. He has tasted the glories of being a world champion, but now is content with his memories as he shuffles through his mediocre life. He dreams of reviving his passion, but he is waiting for someone to just walk through the door and hand it to him.

(The Athlete) Male late teens – early 20s. Athletic.
A incredibly arrogant and talented boxing champion who is paving his way in the sport. He feels the power in his talent, but is arrogant and too inexperienced to understand his limitations. He revers the coach and is convinced he can train him to greatness. He knows he has the talent and the skill to win, but inwardly feels he is missing something.

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