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Volunter (Alberta): Dance and Theatre Research – Call for Participants

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Volunter (Alberta): Dance and Theatre Research – Call for Participants


I am developing a research study with the University of Alberta, and am looking for participants in theatre and dance who are working, or will be working with others on a production. This may also include classroom work. The participants are young people (12-25 years) including: multi-diverse artists, artists with a developmental disability, and those who have physical disabilities. As the work develops through your art-making processes, your connections between one another will be a lead interest of the research study and featured in the video. Artists will be interviewed and their work recorded on camera. I have received ethical approval for all aspects of my research. All artists who are involved with the study will receive a video of their work.

I invite anyone who is interested to get back to me, and we can discuss in more detail what I hope to achieve.

Contact info:
Lorna Sutherland – las9@ualberta.ca
PhD Candidate
Faculty of Education
University of Alberta

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