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Audition (Edmonton): The Anal Stage – 2019 Fringe Festival

Audition (Edmonton): The Anal Stage – 2019 Fringe Festival


The Anal Stage: Moments on a Toilet | Edmonton Fringe Festival 2019
by Matthew “Gus” Gusul

Onstage: August 15-25, 2019 (Edmonton Fringe Festival lotto winner)
Director: Alix Reynolds

Audition Location: Edmonton Public Library—Highlands (6710 118 Ave)
Audition Date: June 3rd, 5:30pm-8:30pm
Callback Auditions: TBA

Play Synopsis:

After death, a mother returns to help her son be a better person, but the only time she can communicate with him is while he is on the toilet. The Anal Stage is a comedy which takes place at the intersection of what it means to be an ambitious man, a concerned mom, and a diligent career woman.

Casting for:

MAN: 40-55 years old. Investment broker. Money = power.
*Must be comfortable with partial nudity, sexual content, and adult themes.

Audition Requirements:

  • Please prepare a short contemporary monologue no more than 3 minutes length.
  • Sides will be provided in advance via email. Please prepare this scene for audition with actors already cast in the show. Printed copies will be available at the audition session.

Please supply the following:

  • Headshot & Resume
  • Any conflicts within rehearsal window (June 5-August 14)

Sign up for auditions by emailing and stating “Anal Stage Audition” in the subject line. Deadline to submit: June 2nd.

Gusul-Reynolds Productions is committed to inclusive casting. Artists who are members of under-represented communities are encouraged to audition.

Performers will receive an equal portion of the box office sales at the conclusion of the festival.

Theatre Alberta does not necessarily endorse the organizations and/or individuals submitting Classified listings on our site. It is the responsibility of each patron using the Theatre Alberta Classifieds to research the integrity of the organizations who submit listings to which they are applying/responding and to verify specific information, especially pertaining to the job/audition listings and youth listings.

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