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Audition (Edmonton): Princess Bear – Moist Humour Productions

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Audition (Edmonton): Princess Bear – Moist Humour Productions


Art created by Eryn Thorsley

Moist Humour Productions is looking for multiple roles for the comedy Princess Bear by Julian Stamer for the Edmonton Fringe Festival

SYNOPSIS: The King and Queen have thirteen beautiful daughters, each more beautiful than the last. Over the years they’ve been marrying their daughters to better their stake in the world – a very tiring affair. After their most recent wedding, a Spanish Prince arrives, demanding to marry their most beautiful daughter otherwise his father will invade with his armada. Realizing that they are fresh out of daughters, the King and Queen disguise a bear and try to marry her off. Thus begins a harrowing tale of magic and intrigue, of love and lust, and of a bear.

QUEEN (20 TO 45) – The queen is an older woman, reminiscent of the evil queen from snow white. Tries to hide her evilness for the sake of her family.
KING (20 TO 45) – An approachable and affable king. Has a gentle heart and irritable stomach. Knows more than he let’s on, which is good, because he doesn’t let on a lot.
MAID (18 TO 25) – A cornerstone of the workings of the kingdom. Overworked, underpaid and unappreciated. Longs to be loved.
PRINCE (18 TO 30) – A handsome young prince who likes the play the playboy. Falls in love as easily as he makes love.
SERVANT (18 TO 30) – A sinister and cunning individual. Thinks he’s smarter than he actually is, and he thinks he is very very smart.
BEAR – A bear.

Auditions will take place Saturday, May 11th (6-8) and another date pending on interest. To set up an audition slot or to learn more about the play, please email Please include your headshot and resume if available. Moist Humour Productions will contact individuals selected to audition with further information about the audition.

Please be prepared to do cold reads. No monologues are required.

Moist Humour Productions is committed to promoting diversity and inclusiveness in theater. We welcome all performers.

Our first read through will begin the week starting May 19th and rehearsals will be done three times a week based around availability.

There will be eight shows for the duration of the Fringe (Aug 15-26th)

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