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Job (Edmonton): Performer – The Thousand Faces Festival

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Job (Edmonton): Performer – The Thousand Faces Festival


Tasks and Responsibilities

As an eight-person culturally diverse ensemble cast with gender parity, performers with training in different disciplines will create, rehearse and perform original artistic work based on their cultures’ mythologies for the Thousand Faces Festival. Each position holder is required to commit to 32 hours per week. This ensemble will craft two longer and two shorter mythic performance pieces of theatre and/or dance. These will be drawn from four different cultures represented within the ensemble. Priority is given to represent culturally diverse and Indigenous applicants.

Following the festival, they will tour these to schools in Northeast Edmonton and further afield, paying particular attention to schools with significant multicultural and indigenous populations and students facing economic barriers.

On-Site Supervision/Remotely

The youth will create the two longer pieces in collaboration with senior performing artists who will be contracted to lead the creations as director/creators, and by one stage manager for each longer piece. These will be in the rehearsal hall with the performers during all rehearsals and present to run all performances. Performers are generally self-motivated; however, they sometimes need gentle reminders of the day’s practicalities, which these will give.

Team Mentoring

The senior artist director/creators will guide the performers throughout the creation of their mythic piece. The Festival Artistic Director will contract these. One of them will be Maralyn Ryan, a master puppeteer, and director/performer/playwright with decades of professional experience in children’s and other theatre. Experienced South Asian Choreographer and Dancer Naren Ganesan will be the other.

Artistic Director Mark Henderson is an actor, director, and cultural curator, with an MFA in directing and decades of experience directing classical and mythological theatre. He uses this depth of experience to empower diverse cultural creators to explore diverse mythologies including their own through theatre and their own art.

Ideal for someone with coursework in Theatre Arts

This is a 6-week, full-time position with a possible extension to 8 weeks.
Wage is $15.25 an hour.

To apply for this position, please email your resume to The application deadline is May 10th, 2019.

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