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What’s On (Calgary): Klimt’s Playthings – Theatre Encounter

What’s On (Calgary): Klimt’s Playthings – Theatre Encounter


What does it mean to become the sketch, that becomes a masterpiece? To be at once immortalized and… completely anonymous?

Using the history and works of landmark painter Gustav Klimt for their inspiration, THEATRE ENCOUNTER imagines the experiences of the unknown women who posed for the Expressionist master’s daily sketches – the drawings that in many cases became the skeletons of his most famous works.

An alluring blend of expressionist dance, music and light, this all-new performance creation explores the ways in which the artist’s model is a tool – a plaything – while also having her own motives, goals, and desires. KLIMT’S PLAYTHINGS is an unsettling and sensual experience for a limited number of audience who sit in the midst of the action.

Join us to peel back the Gilt and the Art Nouveau trappings, and explore the sordid sensuality that lies beneath.

Directed by MICHAEL FENTON; Performed by VAL DUNCAN and ELAN PRATT; Stage Management by ALYSSA NEUDORF; Lighting Design by EMIL AGOPIAN; Stage Design by JOHN HALE; Sound Design by GAEL GEVIRS SOUND PROJECT

Playing at the Studio Theatre at CSpace King Edward from March 27-30. Tickets available at Limited 18 seats per performance.