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Job (Calgary): Theatre Technician

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Job (Calgary): Theatre Technician



Job Opportunity: Theatre Technician

Company Operating Name: 2057024 Alberta Ltd.
Business address: 4330 – 76 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2C 2J2. A widely diverse company that is actively expanding into multiple production sectors in the entertainment industry.

Terms of employment:

  • Permanent, Full time. 40 hours per week.
  • Flexibility with hours, as situations may arise that require extra hours to accomplish a specific task
  • Ability to work late nights and weekends
  • Various work locations (throughout Calgary area)

Wage: $28.00 / per hour


  • Co-ordinate the work of camera operators and other technical staff,
  • Design and co-ordinate special effects such as fire, explosion and crashes,
  • Assist in preparing the construction specifications for sets,
  • Identify and list the necessary props and place them during rehearsals and performances.
  • As part of the job will involve working with and be required to develop and tailor props and equipment unique for each scenario, including; Framing, carving, sculpting, metal work, finishing carpentry, high pressure hydraulics, design and fabrication of air pneumatics pieces, electric applications using 12v/24v/110/220v,
  • Application of UV and 3D Paints, in addition to hard coating a variety of mediums in diverse environments.
  • Set up/ installation and repair of sound and lighting systems both indoor and outdoor,
  • Set up/installation and safety checks for multi level rigging of venues(with and without manlift),
  • Maintain accountability for overall quality of creative work
  • Ensure that workshop and venues are well maintained, repaired and spotless at all times

Required Skills:

  • Strong production competencies
  • Well-developed project management skills
  • Ability to read audio visual design documents.
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks/projects.
  • Ability to work independently without supervision, be self-directed and demonstrate initiative.
  • Ability to take direction without follow up.

As the company is open to all possible areas of production and looking at expanding into northern and coastal areas, it would be considered a strong asset that the correct candidate should also possess one or more of the following:
• scubadiving certificate and experience with under water cameras
• a nautical boat operators license,
• Commercial Pilots License
• Proficiency in Drone Operation and Aerial Photography
• PAL – possession and acquisition license


  • Capability to stand, kneel and/or crouch for long periods of time
  • Capability to work in hot humid environments
  • Capability to work in cold environments
  • Capability to lift & move excess of 80lbs as is necessary in the normal flow of the day to day work load unassisted and lift and move 120lbs with assistance.
  • The ability to safely climb ladders while
    carrying 40 lbs
  • The ability to respond quickly to sounds
  • The ability to move safely over uneven terrain or
    in confined spaces
  • The ability to see and respond to dangerous situations
  • The ability to work in extreme weather
  • The ability to wear personal protective gear correctly most of the day
  • Be a strong swimmer

Ability to supervise 5-10 people required.
Work Area: Construction

Education: Diploma or certificate

Work Experience: 5 years minimum

Location of work: Calgary

Language: English
Contact information: Interested applicants must send a resume and cover letter to:

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